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An ice-skating program for the children with mental disabilitiesHo, WO; Sit, HP200672
The identification and development of essential attributes for expert sports performance.Abernethy, AB200774
Identifying mediators of training effects on performance-related psychobiosocial states: A single-case observational study in an elite female triathleteBarnett, A; Cerin, E; Reaburn, P; Hooper, S2012131
Identifying the pattern of physical exercise and determinants contributing to the engagement of physical exercise among Hong Kong older adultsCheng, YH; Chou, KL; Macfarlane, DJ; Chi, I2005207
Impact of an active video game on healthy children's physical activityBaranowski, T; Abdelsamad, D; Baranowski, J; O'Connor, TM; Thompson, D; Barnett, A; Cerin, E; Chen, TA201298
The impact of verbal guidance on laparoscopic skills training and multi-tasking performancePoolton, J; Fan, J; Masters, RS; Patil, NG; Law, WL2010120
Impact on hemostatic parameters of interrupting sitting with intermittent activityHoward, BJ; Fraser, FS; Sethi, P; Cerin, E; Hamilton, MT; Owen, N; Dunstan, DW; Kingwell, BA201339
The impacts of yoga and exercise on neuro-cognitive function and symptoms in early psychosisLin, J; Lam, M; Chiu, C; Tse, M; Khong, PL; Chan, C; So, KF; Chan, SKW; Chang, WC; Chen, E2011323
Imperceptibly off-center goalkeepers influence penalty-kick direction in soccerMasters, RSW; Van Der Kamp, J; Jackson, RC2007138
Implications of an expertise model for surgical skills trainingAbernethy, B; Poolton, JM; Masters, RSW; Patil, NG2008133
Implicit and explicit learning: Applications from basic research to sports for individuals with impaired movement dynamicsSteenbergen, B; Van Der Kamp, J; Verneau, M; JongbloedPereboom, M; Masters, RSW2010173
An implicit basis for the retention benefits of random practiceRendell, MA; Masters, RSW; Farrow, D; Morris, T2011155
The implicit benefit of learning without errorsMaxwell, JP; Masters, RSW; Kerr, E; Weedon, E2001152
Implicit learning of movement selection and executionRaab, M; Masters, RSW; Maxwell, JP200472
Implicit learning of movement skills for surgeryMasters, RSW; Poolton, JM; Abernethy, B; Patil, NG200866
Implicit motor learning and complex decision making in time-constrained environmentsMasters, RSW; Poolton, JM; Maxwell, JP; Raab, M2008169
Implicit motor learning confers robustness to physiological fatigue.Poolton, JM; Masters, RSW; Maxwell, JP200570
Implicit motor learning confers robustness to psychological fatiguePoolton, JM; Masters, RSW; Maxwell, JP200556
Implicit motor learning in a continuous tracking task: the roles of complexity and concentrationZhu, F; Maxwell, JP; Hu, Y; Masters, RSW2009123
Implicit motor learning in an applied setting.Masters, RSW200580
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