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Gait patternsAbernethy, AB; Lu, WW2005134
Game-based training for improving skill and physical fitness in team sport athletes.Gabbett, T; Jenkins, D; Abernethy, AB2009203
Gastrointestinal bacteria generate nitric oxide from nitrate and nitriteSobko, T; Reinders, CI; Jansson, EÅ; Norin, E; Midtvedt, T; Lundberg, JO200521
Gastrointestinal nitric oxide generation in germ-free and conventional ratsSobko, T; Reinders, C; Norin, E; Midtvedt, T; Gustafsson, LE; Lundberg, JO200421
Gaze behaviour when discriminating marginal off-centerednessMasters, RSW; Rienhoff, R; Fischer, L; Schorer, J; Wilson, RM201152
Gaze training enhances laparoscopic technical skill acquisition and multi-tasking performance: A randomized, controlled studyWilson, MR; Vine, SJ; Bright, E; Masters, RSW; Defriend, D; McGrath, JS2011156
Gaze training improves performance in a virtual reality laparoscopic surgery taskWilson, RM; Vine, S; Masters, R; McGrath, J201157
Gaze training improves technical performances and resistance to distractions in virtual laparoscopic surgeryWilson, M; Vine, S; Brewer, J; Bright, E; Masters, R; McGrath, J201146
Gaze training improves the retention and transfer of laparoscopic technical skills in novicesVine, S; Chaytor, R; McGrath, J; Masters, RSW; Wilson, RM201318
Gazing into space: eye movements and discrimination of marginally off-center goalkeepersMasters, RSW; Reinhoff, R; Fischer, L; Schorer, J; van der Kamp, GJ; Wilson, RM201158
Gender, age and educational-attainment differences in Australian adults’ participation in vigorous sporting and fitness activitiesLeslie, E; Cerin, E; Gore, CJ; George, A; Bauman, A; Owen, N200429
Gender, level of participation, and type of sport: Differences in achievement goal orientation and attributional styleHanrahan, SJ; Cerin, E2009252
The gendering of physical education in Hong Kong: East, West or global?Vertinsky, P; McManus, AM; Sit, HP200589
Generation of NO by probiotic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tractSobko, T; Huang, L; Midtvedt, T; Norin, E; Gustafsson, LE; Norman, M; Jansson, EÅ; Lundberg, JO200633
Getting a bit on the side - penalty kick direction is influenced implicitly by the position of the goalkeeperMasters, RSW; van der Kamp, GJ; Jackson, RC200784
Habituation and cardiovascular responses to the Gamercize Stepper in Hong Kong Chinese girlsMellecker, RR; McManus, AM201328
Happiness under pressure: how dual-earner parents experience time in AustraliaBrown, P; Cerin, E; Warner-Smith, P2008145
Health enhancement and pedometer-determined ambulatory (HEPA) programme for older adults: a feasibility studyLeung, AYM; Tse, MA; Shum, WC; Lam, CLK; Lancaster, BJ2010165
Health promotion in older chinese: A 12-month cluster randomized controlled trial of pedometry and peer supportNeil Thomas, G; MacFarlane, DJ; Guo, B; Cheung, BMY; McGhee, SM; Chou, KL; Deeks, JJ; Lam, TH; Tomlinson, B2012212
Health through martial arts training: Physical fitness and reaction time in adolescent Taekwondo practitionersFong, SM; Ng, SSM; Chung, LMY201331
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