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Face validity, construct validity and training benefits of a virtual reality turp simulatorBright, E; Vine, S; Wilson, MR; Masters, RSW; Mcgrath, JS201280
Factorial structure and comparison between obese and non-obese children’s physical self-conceptHau, KT; Sung, RYT; Marsh, HW; Yu, CW; Lau, WC2006113
Factors associated with participant compliance in studies using accelerometersLee, H; Macfarlane, DJ; Lam, TH201315
Factors influencing children’s game behaviour between active and seated mediaLam, WK; Sit, HP; McManus, AM200896
Fall efficacy and reinvestment in older adultsWong, Wai-lung.; 黃偉龍2003244
Fall history and perception of the steepness of stairs by community-dwelling elderlyKung, Ka-kei.; 龔珈奇.2010274
Falls history and perception of the steepness of stairs by community-dwelling older adults in Hong Kong: The roles of movement-specific reinvestment and falls efficacyWong, WL; Masters, RSW; Abernethy, AB; Maxwell, JP201082
The Feasibility and Efficacy of an Augmented Exercise Program for Acute Stroke PatientsYau, WWM; Wong, WLT201011
The feasibility of ambulatory screen time in childrenMellecker, RR; McManus, AM; LanninghamFoster, LM; Levine, JA2009127
Feasibility study to objectively assess activity and location of Hispanic preschoolers: a short communicationO'Connor, T; Cerin, E; Robles, J; Lee, RE; Kerr, J; Butte, N; Mendoza, JA; Thompson, D; Baranowski, T201329
Feasibility study to simultaneously objectively assess activity and location of Hispanic-American preschool childrenO'Connor, T; Cerin, E; Robles, J; Lee, R; Baranowski, T; Butte, N; Hughes, H; Nicklas, T; Thompson, D201261
Female fitness: evaluating the effectiveness of a girls only physical education course on cardiorespiratoryfitness, physical activity and self-esteemWimbush, Luke.2005248
Follow up of aerobic capacity in children affected by severe acute respiratory syndromeYu, CCW; Li, AM; Au, CT; Mcmanus, AM; So, RCH; Lam, HS; Chu, WCW; So, HK; Chiu, WK; Leung, CW; Yau, YS; Fok, TF; Sung, RYT201283
From neighborhood design and food options to residents' weight statusCerin, E; Frank, LD; Sallis, JF; Saelens, BE; Conway, TL; Chapman, JE; Glanz, K2011191
From novice to no know-how: A longitudinal study of implicit motor learningMaxwell, JP; Masters, RSW; Eves, FF200062
From play to practice: A developmental framework for the acquisition of expertise in team sport.Cote, J; Baker, J; Abernethy, AB2004465
Functional imaging of cortical responses in expert and novice badminton players while predicting the direction of a badminton stroke.Wright, MJ; Bishop, DT; Jackson, RC; Abernethy, AB2009115
Functional MRI reveals expert-novice differences during sport-related anticipationWright, MJ; Bishop, DT; Jackson, RC; Abernethy, B2010189
Fundamental Movement Skills Among Filipino Children With Down SyndromeCapio, CM; Rotor, ER201091
Fundamental movement skills and physical activity among children with and without cerebral palsyCapio, CM; Sit, CHP; Abernethy, B; Masters, RSW2012127
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