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Back injuries in competitive squash playersMacfarlane, DJ; Shanks, A1998140
Barriers to exercise scale for chinese older adultsChou, KL; MacFarlane, DJ; Chi, I; Cheng, YH2008695
Batting with occluded vision: An in situ examination of the information pick-up and interceptive skills of high- and low-skilled cricket batsmenMüller, S; Abernethy, B2006145
Benefits of an external focus of attention: Common coding or conscious processing?Poolton, JM; Maxwell, JP; Masters, RSW; Raab, M2006429
Bicycle use for transport in an Australian and a Belgian city: Associations with built-environment attributesOwen, N; De Bourdeaudhuij, I; Sugiyama, T; Leslie, E; Cerin, E; Dyck, DV; Bauman, A2010200
Biomechanics and visual-motor control: How it has, is, and will be used to reveal the secrets of hitting a cricket ballSarpeshkar, V; Mann, DL2011101
Biophysical foundations of human movementAbernethy, AB; Hanrahan, SJ; Mackinnon, LT; Kippers, V; Pandy, M200582
Biorhythms, state anxiety and mood states as predictors of racquet games performanceHon, Ching-lung.; 韓政龍2001402
Birth-related increase in intracolonic hydrogen gas and nitric oxide as indicator of host-microbial interactionsSobko, T; Norman, M; Norin, E; Gustafsson, LE; Lundberg, JO200527
Birthplace effects on the development of female athletic talentMacDonald, DJ; King, J; Côté, J; Abernethy, B2009136
Breaking up prolonged sitting reduces postprandial glucose and insulin responsesDunstan, DW; Kingwell, BA; Larsen, R; Healy, GN; Cerin, E; Hamilton, MT; Shaw, JE; Bertovic, DA; Zimmet, PZ; Salmon, J; Owen, N2012148
Breaks in sedentary timeHealy, GN; Dunstan, DW; Salmon, J; Cerin, E; Shaw, JE; Zimmet, PZ; Owen, N200875
But I can't pass that far! The influence of motor skill on decision makingBruce, L; Farrow, D; Raynor, A; Mann, D2012151
Calibration of the RT3 accelerometer for ambulation and nonambulation in childrenChu, EYW; McManus, AM; Yu, CCW2007144
Can a motivational intervention overcome an unsupportive environment for walking-findings from the step-by-step studyMerom, D; Bauman, A; Phongsavan, P; Cerin, E; Kassis, M; Brown, W; Smith, BJ; Rissel, C200960
Can a motivational walking intervention overcome an unsupportive environment for walking - Findings from the Step-by-Step studyMerom, D; Bauman, A; Phongsavan, P; Cerin, E; Brown, W; Smith, B; Rissel, C201164
Can analogies be used as an attention focusing strategy to prevent skill failure under stress?Li, Sau-sau, Esther.; 李秀秀.2005245
Can bioelectric impedance monitors be used to accurately estimate body fat in Chinese adults?Macfarlane, DJ200789
Can social dancing prevent falls in older adults? A protocol of the Dance, Aging, Cognition, Economics (DAnCE) Fall Prevention Randomised Controlled TrialMerom, D; Cumming, R; Mathieu, E; Anstey, R; Rissel, C; Simpson, JM; Morton, RL; Cerin, E; Sherringhton, C; Lord, SR201328
Can Taekwondo Footwear Affect Postural Stability in Young Adults?Fong, SM; Ng, SSM201327
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