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TaiwanChao, A; Law, CK; Li, PC; Yip, PSF2008106
Testing a theoretical model based on social cognitive theory for media influences on suicidal ideation: Results from a panel studyFu, KW; Chan, YY; Yip, PSF2009225
Towards a reassessment of the role of divorce in suicide outcomes: evidence from five pacific rim populationsYip, PSF; Chen, YY; Yousuf, S; Lee, CKM; Kawano, K; Routley, V; Ben Park, BCB; Yamauchi, T; Tachimori, H; Clapperton, A; Wu, KCC2012108
Towards Evidence-based Suicide Prevention ProgrammesYip, PSF; Law, YW201082
Towards evidence-based suicide prevention programsYip, PSF201146
Trends in healthy life expectancy in Hong Kong SAR 1996-2008Cheung, KSL; Yip, PSF2010265
Ultra-low low fertility in Hong Kong: a review of related demographic transitions, social issues and policies practices to encourage childbirthsYip, PSF; Law, CK; Cheung, KSL2008162
Universal happinessHo, MY2010109
The valence of attentional bias and cancer-related rumination in posttraumatic stress and posttraumatic growth among women with breast cancerChan, MWC; Ho, SMY; Tedeschi, RG; Leung, CWL2011161
Viability of the health protection account in Hong Kong.Law, CK; Yip, PS2002108
Views from the chalkface: English language school-based assessment in Hong KongDavison, C2007358
Was the economic crisis 1997-1998 responsible for rising suicide rates in East/Southeast Asia? A time-trend analysis for Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and ThailandChang, SS; Gunnell, D; Sterne, JAC; Lu, TH; Cheng, ATA2009130
Wenchuan earthquake and media social responsibility: subject analysis related to accountability of news reports in five Chinese newspapersZhou, L; Fu, KW; Shen, H; Su, J; Gao, XD; Chan, YY; Xu, Q; Xu, XJ2010283
What Can We Do to Help and Understand Survivors of Suicide in Hong Kong?Wong, PWC; Chan, WSC; Ben, PSL200778
What do internet users seek to know about depression from web searches? A descriptive study of 21 million web queriesFu, KW; Wong, PWC; Yip, PSF2010453
What does psychological autopsy study tell us about charcoal burning suicide- A new and contagious method in Asia?Chan, SSM; Chiu, HFK; Chen, EYH; Chan, WSC; Wong, PWC; Chan, CLW; Law, YW; Yip, PSF2009253
What would help? Factors associated with the mood disturbance of mothers at their postpartum periodCheung, IKM; Chan, CHY; Miao, MYK; Sham, AKH; Chan, CLW; Ho, HTH2011110
Who do you trust? comparing people-centered communications in disaster situations in the United States and ChinaWhite, JD; Fu, KW2012239
Why do we report suicides and how can we facilitate suicide prevention efforts?Cheng, Q; Fu, KW; Caine, ED; Yip, PSF201418
Years of Life Lost from Suicide in China, 1990-2000Yip, PSF; Liu, KY; Law, CK200894
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