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The leading methods of suicide in Taiwan, 2002-2008Lin, JJ; Chang, SS; Lu, TH2010118
Long-term impact of celebrity suicide on suicidal ideation: Results from a population-based studyFu, KW; Yip, PSF200799
Marital status and the risk of suicide: Experience from England and Wales, 1982-1996Yip, PSF; Thorburn, J2004140
Means restriction for suicide preventionYip, PSF; Caine, E; Yousuf, S; Chang, SS; Wu, KCC; Chen, YY2012147
Media coverage of emergency response and government responsibility in domestic natural disasters: comparisons between Chinese and American newspapersFu, KW2011104
Media influence on suicide. Media's role is double edgedChan, KPM; Lee, DTS; Yip, PSF2003514
Media representation of gender patterns of suicide in TaiwanChen, YY; Yip, PSF; Tsai, CW; Fan, HF201258
Mental health, suicide and women in the People's Republic of ChinaPearson, Veronica2003540
Mortality of geriatric and younger patients with schizophrenia in the communityRan, MS; Chan, CLW; Chen, EYH; Tang, CP; Lin, FR; Li, L; Li, SG; Mao, WJ; Hu, SH; Schwab, G; Conwell, Y2008193
National suicide rates a century after Durkheim: Do we know enough to estimate error?Claassen, CA; Yip, PS; Corcoran, P; Bossarte, RM; Lawrence, BA; Currier, GW2010183
Never-treated patients with schizophrenia in rural chinaRan, MS; Mao, WJ; Hu, SH; Tang, CP; Lin, FR; Li, L; Li, SG; Chen, EYH; Chan, CLW; Conwell, Y200897
Newspaper reporting of suicide cases in Hong KongAu, JSK; Yip, PSF; Chan, CLW; Law, YW2004105
Newspaper reporting of suicides in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Guangzhou: Compliance with WHO media guidelines and epidemiological comparisonsFu, KW; Chan, YY; Yip, PSF2011169
Non-suicidal self-injury and suicidal behavior: prevalence, co-occurrence, and correlates of suicide among adolescents in Hong KongCheung, YTD; Wong, PWC; Lee, AM; Lam, TH; Fan, Y; Yip, PSF201348
Only If We Can Age And Live WellYip, PSF; Cheung, KSL2009125
Opportunities and challenges of online data collection for suicide preventionCheng, Q; Chang, SS; Yip, PSF2012126
Pathological gambling and suicide – Evidence from epidemiological data, prevalence study, and psychological autopsy study.Yip, PSF; Wong, PWC; Kam, PM200686
Performance of the CES-D and its short forms in screening suicidality and hopelessness in the communityYin, BC; Ka, YL; Yip, PSF2007139
Perinatal risk factors for suicide in young adults in TaiwanChen, YY; Gunnell, D; Lu, CL; Chang, S; Lu, TH; Li, CY201320
The Pilot Study of The Oldest-Old and Centenarians ProjectCheung, KSL; Yip, PSF; Chi, I; Chui, EWT; Leung, AYM; Chan, FHW; Chan, GMY2010223
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