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Value added services, customer satisfaction and residential property: the case of the Tenant Purchase SchemeMak, Lai-yee, Shirley.; 麥麗儀.2006416
Value enhancement effects of building management practices: a preliminary study in Hong KongYau, SY; Ho, DCW2009156
Value-added services : impact of customer satisfaction in Hong Kong housing estatesMak, Yiu-yuen; 麥耀源201341
Vanishing border between Hong Kong and South ChinaChan, RCK1994114
Vehicular fuel use characteristics in Hong KongHung, WT; Hills, PR1995111
Viewpoint: The role of urban planning in China's sustainable developmentNg, MK2004100
Village revitalisation/disintegration: an assessment of suburbanisation, land administration and small housedevelopment in the New TerritoriesNg, Wai-man.; 吳慧敏.1996264
'Villages in City' - Urban Governance and Migrant Settlements in Guangzhou, ChinaChan, RCK2001121
Visitor centres in the country parks of Hong Kong: a preliminary analysis of their functions and performanceChu, Yuk-wan, Katherine.; 朱郁雲.1987254
Visualizing the spatial dynamics of the Hong Kong Housing MarketMonkkonen, PH; Begley, JM; Wong, SK201086
Volume building as competitive strategyChiang, YH; Tang, BS; Wong, F2008135
Waiting for intelligent vertical transport systems: a comparison of the International Commerce Centre and AIATowerCheung, Kar-wai, Joseph.; 張家偉.2012194
Wake Up Call: Network Alarms, Strategy and PerformanceAndrews, R; Boyne, GA; Meier, KJ; O’Toole Jr, LJ; Walker, RM2007124
Walkable new towns: a review on the pedestrian environment in Hong Kong's new towns for the planning forfuture new development areasLeung, Sui-hei.; 梁萃熹.2012177
Walled buildings in Hong KongTong, Serena.; 唐思敏20091,035
Wanchai Through Community PerspectivesCook, AHS; Ng, MK2000132
Waste management and its implications for environmental planning: a review of the waste management strategyfor Hong KongSo, Wing-yeung.; 蘇永揚.1994342
Waste management of commercial building in Hong KongMak, Wan-han; 麥韞嫻201344
Ways of enhancing the competitiveness of Hong Kong as a regional logistics hubLaw, Kwai-sun, Jeffrey.; 羅貴申.2005260
Welcome to theoretical Las VegasAl, S200956
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