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Habour planning in Hong Kong: normative rationality and strategic politicsNg, MK2006114
Harbour reclamation in Hong Kong: land production and landuse planning : the environmental perspectiveCheung, Wai-hung, Tony; 張偉雄1997638
Harbourfront development for recreationSzeto, Kit-ping, Mimi.; 司徒潔萍2002401
Harmony Society and China's Urban DevelopmentChan, RCK2005111
Harmony Society and Urban Planning and Management in Chinese CitiesChan, RCK; Yao, X2005120
Healthy city in Tseung Kwan O: urban planningin Hong Kong into the 21st centuryLee, Ping-kuen, Felix.; 李炳權.2000586
Heritage conservation and urban regeneration: promoting sustainable tourism and sustainable community in Hong Kong: a case study of Sheung Wan FongKwan, Wing-yee.; 關詠儀.2004739
Heritage conservation in China's "instant city" - ShenzhenLiu, W; Ng, MK2009278
Heritage conservation promoting sustainable tourism in Guangzhou: a case study of En Ning LuMo, Cuiyu.; 莫翠瑜.2012164
A hermeneutic approach to explaining and understanding public controversiesLejano, RP; Leong, C201216
Hi-tech Industrial Firms in Shanghai: Business Environment and Institutional FrameworkChan, RCK2005178
High density slender structures: their impacts on urban built-formsAhmed, Kamran.1996254
High density urban form: a case study of Quarry Bay, Hong KongTsui, Hon-yung.; 徐漢榕1996402
The high permeability of pragmatic gated communities in high density Hong Kong: the planning influence and social implicationsChiu, R201334
High technology industrial development in Hong Kong & industrial land use planningNg, Koon-hung.; 吳冠雄.1996374
High-density, high-rise residential developments and their impact on environmental sustainability: the case ofHong KongMak, Chung-hang.; 麥仲恒.2004541
High-rise living in Singapore public housingYuen, B; Yeh, A; Appold, SJ; Earl, G; Ting, J; Kwee, LK2006538
Higher education in information technology & its impacts on a changingurban job market: case study: Hong KongTsang, Currie.; 曾嘉勵.1986355
Historical heritage and urban development in Hong KongWong, Fei, Queenie.; 黃菲。.1999284
Historical Perspectives on the Development of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine in Asia Pacific (in English an Korean)MacPherson, KL200591
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