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Facilitating community development for low income female migrants in Hong KongHo, Chun-kit.; 何俊傑.2000327
Facilities Management for Building Maintainability: A Research FrameworkLau, WK; Ho, DCW2010144
Factors affecting private owners to carry out maintenance works for their buildings: case study of owner-occupiedhousing in Sham Shui Po DistrictLeung, Ka-man.; 梁嘉雯.2007243
Factors affecting the application of information technology in Hong Kong housing management industryChan, Wai-sheung.; 陳惠嫦.2009412
Factors affecting the successful implementation of the building maintenance program: a study of the proposedMandatory Building Inspection SchemeLee, Wing; 李穎1999711
Factors and Impacts of Agricultural Land Loss in the Pearl River Delta - A Case Study of Dongguan, in Shunzhun Ye et al. (eds.)Yeh, AGO; Li, X1998123
Factors influencing elderly's residential satisfaction under the forced relocation of urban redevelopment / y Li Sai ChungLi, Sai-chung; 李世忠201324
Factors Influencing Older Persons' Residential Satisfaction in Big and Densely Populated Cities in Asia : A Case Study in Hong KongPhillips, DR; Siu, OL; Yeh, AGO; Cheng, KHC2004123
Factory towns of South China: an illustrated guidebookAl, SJ2012125
Fair share: Siting noxious facilities as a risk distribution game under nontransferable utilityLejano, RP; Davos, CA200262
Fair trade as a strategy for international competitivenessWelford, R; Meaton, J; Young, W2003155
Feasibility study on rent allowance scheme to non-elderly waiting listapplicants for public housingShum, Yuk-king, Clara.; 岑玉琼2004160
Filial support legislation in Hong Kong: A sensible and practical policy?Yeung, S; Chou, KL200184
Filipinos help themselves to housing.Phillips, DR; Yeh, AGO198342
Financing for urban development in Nepal: a case study of town development fund board and the municipalitiesShrestha, Ganesh Bhakta.1998225
Financing Public Transportation Systems through Land Value Capture in China: A Case Study in ShenzhenLi, W; Huang, L; Wu, J201279
Fire safety management and property management in Hong KongLee, Hoi-ping.; 李凱屏.2012348
First home: a problem or no problemChu, Yuk-ha, Agnes.; 朱玉霞.1997220
Fiscal crisis tendency and urban development: a study of Hongkong's fiscal crisis tendency and insolvencyTo, Yiu-ming.; 杜耀明.1987252
Flexibility with a purpose: Constructing the legitimacy of spatial governance partnershipsLau, MHM201365
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