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Data mining of cellular automata's transition rulesLi, X; Yeh, AGO2004283
Data structures and data base management in computer cartography.Yeh, AGO198589
Decentralisation in Hong Kong: housing, employment and land use implicationsKulatilake, Kandanamulla Kankanamge Ranjith Prasanna.2000370
Decentralization and urban growth: a districtcentre in DelhiMukhija, Vinit1992292
A Decision Support System for Sustainable Land Development : A Case Study in DongguanYeh, AGO; Li, X199995
Decision Support Systems for Sustainable Development: A Resource Book of Methods and ApplicationsYeh, AGO; Kersten, G; Mikolajuk, Z2000126
Decision Support with Geographic Information SystemsYeh, AGO2000108
Decision-making, stakeholders and social sustainability in Pakistan: a case study of KarachiFaridy, Sohail Ahmad.2000313
Decoding urban land governance: State reconstruction in contemporary chinese citiesJiang, X; Yeh, A2009613
Deindustrialization and the changing spatial structure of Hong KongMonkkonen, PH; Lan, F2011202
The demand for land regularisation: Theory and evidence from Tijuana, MexicoMonkkonen, P2012155
Demand responsive transportation system for the disabled: route planning and scheduling with GISHo, Wai-hung.; 何尉紅.1999183
Democratization and urban economic change in Hong KongChang, Ka-mun.; 張家敏.1987407
Density and design: high density private residential development in Hong Kong (TaiKoo Shing and Mei Foo SunChuen)Chan, Kit-chu, Winky.; 陳潔珠.1993265
Density control in Hong KongNg, Wing-fai.; 吳永輝1991246
Design and Implementation of Dynamic Symbols in Dynamic GISYeh, AGO; Gong, J; Zhao, S; Zhu, X2000125
Design approach re-activates Kowloon CityTing, Chiu-chi.; 丁超智2007253
The design of environmental regimes: Social construction, contextuality, and improvisationLejano, RP200649
Designing a GIS-Based CSCW System for Development Control with an Event-Driven ApproachChen, J; Jiang, J; Yeh, AGO2004253
Designing Hong Kong towards a sustainable urban form: the significance of urban designHu, Jiayu.; 胡嘉渝.2001415
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