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Calibration of cellular automata by using neural networks for the simulation of complex urban systemsLi, X; Yeh, AG2001218
Campaigns for promoting waste reduction, reuse and recycling: case studies in Japan, Singapore and HongKongLai, Kit-ying.; 賴潔瑩.2009887
Campus redevelopment of pedestrian network: as a crucial element in interacting with urban growthZhou, Yuting, Carmen.; 周宇婷2009335
Can high density provide quality housing in Hong Kong?: a case study of Amoy Garden, Richland Garden and TelfordGardenWong, Wing-tak; 王永德2004424
Can mix-tenure alleviate social stigma in public rental housing?Fu, Yuen-kei; 傅婉琪201331
Can the current residential services fulfill the needs of middle classelderly people?: a case study of seniorcitizen residences (SEN)Woo, Ka-wai.; 胡家慧.2009299
Case Study: Auditing for Human Rights: Free-McMoRan Copper and Gold in PapuaHills, J; Welford, RJ2006161
Case study: Coca-Cola and water in IndiaHills, J; Welford, R2005429
Case study: Power, protests and the police: The shootings at ShanweiHo, M; Welford, R2006129
A Case-Based Decision Support System for Land Development ControlWang, X; Yeh, AGO2002113
Case-based reasoning (CBR) in development controlYeh, AGO; Shi, X2002117
Cellular automata and GIS for urban planningYeh, AGO; Li, X2009263
A cellular automata model to simulate development density for urban planningYeh, AGO; Li, X2002205
Centre management as a means of improving the quality standard of property management services in Hong KongHo, Yuk-lan, Julia.; 何玉蘭.1999252
CEPA and the Integration of the pan-Pearl River DeltaChan, RCK2004120
Certainty and discretion in planning a case study of office development in Hong KongTang, B; Choy, LHT; Wat, JKF200063
The Challenge of Sustainable Development in China: A Case Study of the Shenzhen Special Economic ZoneNg, MK1998112
The challenge of urban sustainabilityHills, PR2002131
Challenges and Opportunities - Can Western Planning Theories Inform Changing Chinese Urban Planning Practices?Ng, MK; Wu, FL1997142
The Challenges and Opportunities for the pan-Pearl River DeltaChan, RCK2004111
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