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Book: The marine flora and fauna of Hong Kong and Southern China II : proceedings of the second International Marine Biological Workshop : the Marine flora and fauna of Hong Kong and Southern China, Hong Kong, 2-24 April, 1986

TitleThe marine flora and fauna of Hong Kong and Southern China II : proceedings of the second International Marine Biological Workshop : the Marine flora and fauna of Hong Kong and Southern China, Hong Kong, 2-24 April, 1986
Editor(s):Morton, Brian
Issue Date1990
Publisher[Hong Kong] : Hong Kong University Press
AbstractA three volume work of the proceedings of the Second International Marine Biological Workshop on the Marine Flora and Fauna of Hong Kong and Southern China
DescriptionIncludes bibliographical references
v. 1. Introduction and taxonomy -- v. 2. Taxonomy and ecology -- v. 3. Behaviour, morphology, physiology and pollution
SubjectMarine biology--China--Hong Kong--Congresses
Marine biology--China--Congresses
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DC FieldValueLanguage
dc.contributor.authorInternational Marine Biological Workshop (2nd : 1986 : Hong Kong)en_HK
dc.contributor.editorMorton, Brianen_HK
dc.descriptionIncludes bibliographical referencesen_HK
dc.descriptionv. 1. Introduction and taxonomy -- v. 2. Taxonomy and ecology -- v. 3. Behaviour, morphology, physiology and pollutionen_HK
dc.description.abstractA three volume work of the proceedings of the Second International Marine Biological Workshop on the Marine Flora and Fauna of Hong Kong and Southern Chinaen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsIntroduction pxien_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsAcknowledgements / Morton, Brian pxven_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsList of participants pxviien_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsPostscript pxxviiien_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Pollution and the sub-tropical inshore hydrographic environmental of Hong Kong / Morton, Brian p3en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 The macrobenthic nemertean fauna of Hong Kong / Gibson, Ray p33en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Philophthalmid larval trematodes from Hong Kong and the coast of South China / Tang, Chong-ti p213en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Further studies on some cercariae of molluscs collected from the shores of Hong Kong / Tang, Chong-ti p233en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Marine oligochaeta of Hong Kong / Erseus, Christer p259en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 The poecilochaetidae and trochochaetidae (annelida: polychaeta) of Hong Kong / Mackie, Andrew S.Y. / Mackie, Andrew s.Y. p337en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Prionospio saccifera SP.NOV. (polychaeta: spiondiae) from Hong Kong and the Red Sea with a redescription of prionospio ehlersi fauvel, 1928 / Mackie, Andrew S.Y. p363en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Terebellidae (polychaeta) from the Hong Kong region / Hutchings, P.A. p377en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 A new species of noetiella (bivalvia: arcacea) from Hong Kong / Oliver, P. Graham p413en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Three new species of ascoglossa (mollusca, opisthobranchia) from Hong Kong, and a description of the internal anatonmy of costasiella pallida jensen, 1985 / Jensen, Kathe R. p419en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Two new species of opisthobranchia from Hong Kong / Lin, Guangyu p433en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 The microgastropods of Hong Kong mangroves / Tong, Lily K.Y. p437en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Marine gammaridean amphipoda (crustacea) from Hong Kong I. The family corophiidae, genus corophium / Hirayama, Akira p449en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Marine gammaridean amphipoda (crustacea) from Hong Kong II. The family dexaminidae / Hirayama, Akira p487en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Preliminary notes on a collection of amphipoda from Hong Kong / Moore, P.G. p503en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 A new species of misophria (copepoda: misophrioida) from Hong Kong / Boxshall, Geoffrey A. p515en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Siphonostome copepods associated with sponges from Hong Kong / Boxshall, Geoffrey A. p523en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 New records of isopod crustaceans (flabellifera) from Hong Kong / Bruce, Neil L. p549en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Further notes on the isopoda bopyridae of Hong Kong / Markham, John C. p555en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 A new barnacle record from Hong Kong / Rainbow, P.S. p567en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Redescriptions of five Hong Kong carideans first described by William Stimpson, 1860 / Bruce, A.J. p569en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Additions to the marine shrimp fauna of Hong Kong / Bruce, A.J. p611en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Hong Kong pinnotheridae: pinnotherinae (crustacea: decapoda) / Pregenzer, C. p649en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Halacaridae (acari) of Hong Kong / Bartsch, Ilse p661en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Mites (arachnida: acari) from the coast of Hong Kong / Luxton, Malcolm p667en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Intertidal gobies (pisces: gobiidae) from Hong Kong / Lam, C. p673en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Hong Kong mudskippers (Pisces: periophthalmidae) / Lam, C. p691en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Preliminary observations of lignicolous marine fungi from mangroves in Hong Kong / Vrijmoed, L.L.P. p701en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 A survey of marine algae from the eastern and southern coastal waters of Hong Kong, with particular reference to coral-associated taxa / Skene, A. p707en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 The intensity and consequences of herbivory on Kandelia candel (L.) druce leaves at the Mai Po Marshes, Hong Kong / Lee, S.Y. p717en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 The food of chiromanthes bidens (De Haan, 1835) and C. maipoensis (soh, 1978)(decapoda: sesarminae) in Hong Kong mangroves / Poovachiranon, Sombat p727en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 The bryozoan foulers of Hong Kong and neighbouring waters / Huang, Zongguo p737en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 The distribution and population structure of cirripede foulers in Hong Kong / Liu, Jianhua p767en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Distribution of marine invertebrates in a Hong Kong mangrove, with emphasis on molluscs / Wells, Fred E. p783en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Does competition determine the vertical zonation of high-intertidal littorinidae (gastropoda) in Hong Kong? / Dudgeon, David p795en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 The intertidal crevice fauna of Tolo Channel and Harbour, New Territories, Hong Kong / Britton, Joseph C. p803en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Field observations of prey selection by the muricid gastropods thais clavigera and morula musiva feeding upon the intertidal oyster saccostrea cucullata / Taylor, John D. p837en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Trawl surveys of sublittoral gastropods in Tolo Channel and Mirs Bay; a record of change from 1976-1986 / Taylor, John D. / Taylor, John D. / Shin, Paul K.S. p857en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Benthic invertebrate communities in Tolo Harbour and Mirs Bay: a review / Shin, Paul K.S. p883en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Benthic ichthyofauna of Tolo Harbour and the entrance to Tolo Channel, Mirs Bay / Lam, C. p899en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Further observations on the feeding biology of luidia SPP. in Hong Kong / Chiu, S.T. p907en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 The distribution and population structure of portunidae (crustacea: decapoda) in Tolo Harbour, Tolo Channel and Birs Bay, Hong Kong / Cheung, S.G. p935en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 Reproductive characteristics of some cirripedia in Hong Kong waters / Cai, Ruxing p945en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 Feeding behaviour of some Hong Kong ascoglossa (mollusca: opisthobranchia) / Jensen, Kathe R. p961en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 The feeding and prey capture mechanism of turricula nelliae spurius (hedley)(gastropoda: turridae) / Miller, John A. p979en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 Predator-prey relationships between the swimming crab thalamita danae stimpson (decapoda: portunidae) and the musels perna viridis (L.) and brachidontes variabilis (krauss) / Seed, Raymond p993en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 Observations on the life habits of estellacar galactodes benson (bivalvia: arcacea) in Hong Kong / Oliver, P. Graham p1015en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 Hong Kong intertidal isopods (isopoda: oniscidea), with notes on the feeding and reproduction of armadilloniscus litoralis budde-lund, 1885 / Ma, Herbert H.T. p1023en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 Notes on the diet of the asteroid astropecten polyacanthus (Muller and Troschel, 1842) in Hong Kong / Chiu, S.T. p1033en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 Respiratory adaptations and survival of three high- intertidal littorinids (gastropoda) from Hong Kong rocky shores / Yipp, May W. p1041en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 The biology and functional morphology of corbula crassa (bivalvia: corbulidae) with special reference to shell structure and formation / Morton, Brian p1055en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 Functional morphology and systematics of the genus didimacar (bivalvia: arcacea: noetiidae) / Oliver, P. Graham p1075en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 Morphology, occlusive geometry and mechanical advantage in the chelae of thalamita danae stimpson and T.crenata (latreille)(decapoda: portunidae) from Hong Kong / Seed, Raymond p1095en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 The salinity tolerances of four species of bivalves from a Hong Kong mangrove / Morton, Brian p1115en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 Thermal tolerance, evaporative water loss and behaviour during prolonged emergence in the high zoned mangrove gastropod cerithidea ornata: evidence for atmospheric water uptake / McMahon, Robert F. p1123en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 Upper thermal limit of nine intertidal gastropod species from a Hong Kong rocky shore in relation to vertical distribution and desiccation associated with evaporative cooling / Cleland, John D. p1141en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 The relationship between vertical distribution, evaporative water loss rate, behaviour, and some morphometric parameters in four species of rocky intertidal gastropods from Hong Kong / Britton, Joseph C. p1153en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 Oxygen pulse fluctuations in thalamita picta (stimpson) exposed to progressive hypoxia / Depledge, M.H. p1173en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 Heart reate as an indicator of thermal stress in gaetice depressus (De Haan) and chiromanthes bidens (De Haan) / Depledge, M.H. p1183en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 The physiological ecology of the intertidal holothurian polycheira rufescens / Cleland, John D. p1191en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 Tolo revisited: a resurvey of the corals in Tolo Harbour and Channel 6 years and half a million people later / Scott, P.J.B. p1203en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 Trace metal concentrations in a Hong Kong penaeid prawn, metapenaeopsis palmensis (haswell) / Rainbow, P.S. p1221en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 Organochlorines in green-lipped mussels (perna viridis) from Hong Kong coastal waters / Phillips, David J.H. p1229en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.3 Barnacles and mussels as monitors of trace metal bio-availability in Hong Kong waters / Chan, H.M. p1239en_HK
dc.format.extent3 v. (xxvii, 1268 p.) : ill. (some col.), charts, maps ; 25 cmen_HK
dc.format.extent430 bytes-
dc.publisher[Hong Kong] : Hong Kong University Pressen_HK
dc.relation.ispartofDigital Editions from Hong Kong University Pressen_HK
dc.rightsThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.-
dc.rightsHKU students and staff onlyen_HK
dc.subject.ddc578.77 I61 M02en_HK
dc.subject.lcshMarine biology--China--Hong Kong--Congressesen_HK
dc.subject.lcshMarine biology--China--Congressesen_HK
dc.titleThe marine flora and fauna of Hong Kong and Southern China II : proceedings of the second International Marine Biological Workshop : the Marine flora and fauna of Hong Kong and Southern China, Hong Kong, 2-24 April, 1986en_HK

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