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Taking care of business - online technologies changing practice at universities?Fox, RMK200086
Teacher Adoption of Web-based Learning in Blended EnvironmentFung, HNH; Yuen, AHK2006526
Teacher Characteristics, Contextual Factors, and How these Affect the Pedagogical Use of ICTLaw, NWY; Chow, Y2008143
Teacher Knowledge and Teacher Learning for Pedagogical Innovation with ICTLaw, NWY200781
Teacher Learning Beyond Knowledge for Pedagogical Innovations with ICTLaw, NWY2008155
Teacher practices, technology and change in Hong KongFox, RMK200466
Teaching & Learning with ICTChieng, A2002639
Teaching online...reluctantlyFox, RMK2002106
Technological cultures – staff beliefs, attitudes and understandings of ICTFox, RMK200257
Technological neutrality and practice in higher educationFox, RMK200182
Technology and teacher practice and changeFox, RMK200468
Toward a Framework of Programming PedagogyLau, WF; Yuen, HK2009118
Trends and Issues in Education for Teacher Librarianship in AustraliaDillon, K2006407
Undergraduate student experiences in context-aware educational uses of handheld devicesSong, Y2006287
Understanding learning togetherLewis, R2001437
Unexpected effects of new technology adoptionFox, RMK; Herrmann, A200481
Unintended effects of learning technologiesHerrmann, A; Fox, RMK; Boyd, A200079
Unintended effects of using web-based asynchronous discussion groups'Fox, RMK; Herrmann, A; Boyd, A200166
Unintended effects of using web-based asynchronous discussion groups. In the future of learning - Learning for the future: Shaping the transition. 20th World Conference on Open Learning and Distance EducationFox, RMK; Herrmann, A; Boyd, A200269
Use of Role Play Simulation in Crisis Management TrainingLi, A2006611
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