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Mac OS XMa, I2001835
Mapping intellectual disciplines using author co-citation analysis (ACA)Warning, P2005344
Meaning: Playing with words or changing minds?Henri, J2002461
The mind beyond time and space: Online collaborative knowledge building using Knowledge ForumYuen, J2002277
Modeling Community Building Through Working OnlineFox, R; Trinidad, S2006245
Motivation Types in Knowledge Building Project Settings
IKIT Summer Institute
Chow, Y; Law, NWY2006116
Moving on from e-Learning: Searching for disruptive pedagogiesHedberg, J2006334
Multimedia Data Analysis: How to Handle the Video Data on Innovative Classrooms with the Use of an Analytical SoftwareChow, A2006189
Multimedia Design: Interactions among the teamHedberg, J2001354
A Network to Support Educational ChangesKi, WW; Lam, HC2000226
On the declining interest in physics among students - from the perspective of teachers
International Journal of Science Education
Routledge. The Journal's web site is located at
Oon, PT; Subramaniam, R201198
Online Narrative Inquiry as an Assessment ToolFarmer, L2005269
Partnerships between pedagogy and technology: designing an online course about putting courses online
[CD-ROM] Proceedings of the 14th Annual Conference & Exhibition: Asian Association of Open Universities, Open learning & Distance Education ideology, pedagogy and teaching
Open University of the Philippines.
Fox, RMK200087
PDAs In and Out of the ClassroomVogel, DR2006315
Pedagogical Agent Design for Distributed Collaborative LearningMorch, A2003414
Pedagogical orientations in mathematics and science and the use of ICT
Pedagogy and ICT in schools around the world: findings from the SITES 2006 study
CERC and Springer.
Law, NWY; Chow, Y2008103
Pedagogically Sound Learning ObjectsChurchill, D2005327
Pedagogy and ICT in an Information Society: Perspectives from International Comparative StudiesPlomp, T2007509
A Perspective on Managing Educational Technology ChangeHerrmann, A2006688
Policy Impacts on Pedagogical Practice and ICT Use: An Exploration of the Results from SITES 2006Law, NWY; Lee, MW; Chan, KMA2009118
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