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Learning and Power Relations on Collaborative Knowledge Building Cyber- DiscourseKwok, PLY2000314
Learning Commons at HKU: Empowering Learning, Teaching and Research through New Environments, Services and ToolsFerguson, A; Fox, B; Churchill, D; Law, N2006735
Learning computer networks in an international, distributed courseBerglund, A2002526
Learning from International Case Studies on Innovative Classroom Practices Using Technology: Second International Information Technology in Education StudyLaw, N2002337
Learning from the eLeadership StoriesLaw, N2006286
Learning how much about gases using MBL? A case study from a chemistry classroomThomas, GP; McRobbie, CJ2000304
Learning in an Online WorldTrinidad, S2002458
Library Information Anytime AnywhereFerguson, A2003485
Mac OS XMa, I2001890
Mapping intellectual disciplines using author co-citation analysis (ACA)Warning, P2005372
Meaning: Playing with words or changing minds?Henri, J2002500
The mind beyond time and space: Online collaborative knowledge building using Knowledge ForumYuen, J2002288
Modeling Community Building Through Working OnlineFox, R; Trinidad, S2006269
Motivation Types in Knowledge Building Project Settings
IKIT Summer Institute
Chow, Y; Law, NWY2006136
Moving on from e-Learning: Searching for disruptive pedagogiesHedberg, J2006357
Multimedia Data Analysis: How to Handle the Video Data on Innovative Classrooms with the Use of an Analytical SoftwareChow, A2006210
Multimedia Design: Interactions among the teamHedberg, J2001380
A Network to Support Educational ChangesKi, WW; Lam, HC2000252
On the declining interest in physics among students - from the perspective of teachers
International Journal of Science Education
Routledge. The Journal's web site is located at
Oon, PT; Subramaniam, R2011130
Online Narrative Inquiry as an Assessment ToolFarmer, L2005297
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