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Factors Influencing the Impact of ICT-use on Students' LearningLaw, NWY; Lee, MW; Chan, KMA; Yuen, HK200898
Factors Predicting Impact of ICT-Use on Students: An Exploration of Teachers’ PerceptionsYuen, HK; Lee, MW; Law, NWY; Chan, KMA200889
Fostering the culture of reading and enhancing information literacy: exemplars of school librariesChu, SKW; Warning, PB; Wu, WWY201174
From Diagnostic Feedback to University PolicyMcNaught, C2005241
Functional Affordances for Research and Developments in Knowledge BuildingYuen, KLJ; Law, NWY200668
Generated-versus selected-explanations: results from California and Hong KongLiu, OL; Lee, HS; Law, N; Lee, Y201326
Globalisation and reflexivity: challenges for research into quality education mediated by ICTsEvans, T2003359
Going Fully Online: An Institutional Approach to Supporting Online StudentsChambers, D2006223
Good Practices of the Use of Information Communication Technology in a Second Language Classroom: An Alternating Use of Small Group Learning and Computers for Independent LearningFong, N2006281
Group development and leader's role in CSCLLai, Ming2005256
Harnessing Technology to Promote Science Learning and Scientific LiteracyGobert, J2004811
Human-Centered Development of Games-Based Learning EnvironmentsKankaanranta, M; Nevanpaa, T2005292
ICT and changes of higher educationLindstrom, B2001567
ICT as a Lever for Student Change and AdvancementYuen, AHK2004433
ICT as a lever for Teacher Change and DevelopmentFox, B2004389
ICT Implementation in Hong Kong Schools: findings from an preliminary review of the HKSAR 5-year IT in Education strategy planYuen, AHK2002383
ICTs and Educational Research in Changing TimesRichards, C2002449
The Impact of Computing on Culture and Education: A Brazilian ViewChaves, EOC2005244
The Impact of Out-of-School IT and Media Use on ICT in EducationLooms, PO2003300
Implementation of Computer Simulation Software in Learning Low-Level Computer Language: A Case StudyChan, JCH2002287
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