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ZenEndo, T200973
Zen and the FamilyJing, Y200895
Zhen Dexiu’s thought on “Regulating the family (qijia)” as reflected in The Extended Meaning of the Great Learning (Daxue yanyi)Hui, CH2010145
Zheng He's Expeditions and Chinese Muslim Communities in Indonesian Archipelago as Seen from the Malay Annals of Semarang and CerbonChin, JK200579
Zomgmi’s Concept of Filial PietyGuang, X2007102
γ-Crystallin family of the mouse lens: Structural and evolutionary relationshipsBreitman, ML; Lok, S; Wistow, G1984450
スリランカの仏教と歴史Endo, T2011173
ネットワークと制度の間で:1920年代~1930年代の上海商業儲蓄銀行の支店網拡大Lee, PT; 今井就稔2013104
一代煙王: 利希慎Zheng, VWT; Wong, SL201194
一日行路多幾步, 控制糖尿會更好 (運動自學圖冊)Leung, AYM; Chu, D; Leung, E; Liang, KTK201138
三個莫名其妙的問題Jing, Y200996
《三字經》裡歷史時間的問題Leung, AKC1999172
丑小鴨變成白天鵝?-中國私營企業家階層的形成和面臨的挑戰Wong, SL; Sun, WB1998167
中古時代教會的時間及商人的時間 (Chinese translation of "Au Moyen Age:  temps del’Eglise et temps du marchand" by J. Le Goff)Leung, AKC198997
中古時期財富與死亡的關係 (Chinese translation of "Richesse et pauvreté devant la mort du Moyen Age” by Ph. Ariès)Leung, AKC198981
中國出土古代撫奏琴器俑的分類及辨識芻議Cheng, PWM; Chan, TH2011188
中國出土古琴器的類型學研究Cheng, PWM; Chan, TH201071
中國出土畫像磚中的琴器圖像研究Cheng, PWM; Chan, TH2011140
中國家族企業:初步觀察和比較研究Wong, SL; Sun, WB200283
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