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The valence of attentional bias and cancer-related rumination in posttraumatic stress and posttraumatic growth among women with breast cancerChan, MWC; Ho, SMY; Tedeschi, RG; Leung, CWL2011161
Validation of a Cantonese version of the STAXI-2Maxwell, JP; Sukhodolsky, D; Sit, HP2009183
Validation of the concise Chinese level of expressed emotion scaleNg, SM; Sun, YS2011262
Validation of the concise Chinese level of expressed emotion scaleNg, SM; Sun, YS2010197
Validity and reliability of a simple categorical tool for the assessment of interceptive skillMüller, S; Abernethy, B2008122
Validity and reliability of the Cortex MetaMax 3B for metabolic measurements at rest and exerciseWong, P.; Macfarlane, DJ2003245
Validity and Reliability of the IPAQ (Chinese Version - Short Form)Macfarlane, DJ; Lee, C.Y.C.2004146
Validity and reliability of the Sedentary Behavior and Sleep Scale (SBSS) in young Hong Kong Chinese childrenMellecker, RR; McManus, AM; Matsuzaka, A2012121
Validity and reliability of three bioelectric impedance monitors in young Chinese adultsMacfarlane, DJ; Lee, CYC; Ho, EYK; Chan, KL; Chan, DTS200772
Validity of a questionnaire on the health benefits of dog ownership (Chinese version)Chow, LY; Macfarlane, DJ; Cerin, E201078
Validity of the 30-second chair stand test in elderly Hong Kong ChineseMacfarlane, DJ; Cheng, YH; Chou, KL; Chi, I2003128
Validity of the breakpoint in the heart rate - work rate relationship as a non-invasive indicator of the lactate deflection in rowersMacfarlane, DJ; Shivnan, MB199674
Validity of the international physical activity questionnaire short form (abstract)Deng, H; Thomas, GN; Macfarlane, DJ; Chou, KL; Cheung, BMY; Chi, I; McGhee, SM; Lam, TH2006285
Validity of the international physical activity questionnaire short form (IPAQ-SF): A systematic reviewLee, PH; Macfarlane, DJ; Lam, TH; Stewart, SM2011213
Validity of Two Automated Metabolic Gas Analysis Systems at Rest and During ExerciseMacfarlane, DJ; Wong, P200481
Valuable librariesDavies, K; Gusella, JF; Tsui, LC; Williamson, R; Page, D; FergusonSmith, MA198774
Value Analysis Framework for RFID Technology Adoption in Retailers in ChinaLuo, Z; Yen, BP; Tan, Z; Ni, Z2008230
The Value of an E-learning Reference Group for Furthering A Faculty E-learning StrategyDoherty, I; Honey, M201049
Vanishing puppets: the demise of a Chinese traditional art formLai, Siu-lun, Francis.; 黎兆麟.2001370
Variation in the AU(AT)-rich element within the 3'-untranslated region of PPP1R3 is associated with variation in plasma glucose in aboriginal CanadiansHegele, RA; Harris, SB; Zinman, B; Wang, J; Cao, H; Hanley, AJG; Tsui, LC; Scherer, SW1998139
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