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‘Sacred Heart’ and the Appropriation of Catholic Faith in Nineteenth-Century ChinaLi, J201222
The Sacred Writing by Central Asian Buddhist monks in China (3-5 C)Tsui, C201227
Sam68-like mammalian protein 2, identified by digital differential display as expressed by podocytes, is induced in proteinuria and involved in splice site selection of vascular endothelial growth factorCohen, CD; Doran, PP; Blattner, SM; Merkle, M; Wang, GQ; Schmid, H; Mathieson, PW; Saleem, MA; Henger, A; Rastaldi, MP; Kretzler, M200510
Saṃghabhadra, a great Kaśmīrian MasterDhammajoti, KL201275
Sarcoplasmic reticulum-bound pyruvate kinase in rat skeletal musclWu, SWN; Wong, SC; Yeung, DCY198057
SARS coronavirus 8b reduces viral replication by down-regulating E via an ubiquitin-independent proteasome pathwayKeng, CT; Åkerström, S; Leung, CSW; Poon, LLM; Peiris, JSM; Mirazimi, A; Tan, YJ2011128
The SARS coronavirus E protein interacts with PALS1 and alters tight junction formation and epithelial morphogenesisTeoh, KT; Siu, YL; Chan, WL; Schlüter, MA; Liu, CJ; Peiris, JSM; Bruzzone, R; Margolis, B; Nal, B2010137
SARS CoV subunit vaccine: antibody-mediated neutralisation and enhancement.Jaume, M; Yip, MS; Kam, YW; Cheung, CY; Kien, F; Roberts, A; Li, PH; Dutry, I; Escriou, N; Daeron, M; Bruzzone, R; Subbarao, K; Peiris, JS; Nal, B; Altmeyer, R2012113
SARS genome patent: to manage and to share (Correspondence)Tsui, L-C200356
SARS in the MediaAbraham, T200599
Sarvastivada Abhidharma (3rd revised and enlarged edition )Dhammajoti, KL2007156
Sarvastivada Abhidharma (Second Edition)Dhammajoti, KL200499
The Sarvastivada Theory of Simultaneous CausalityDhammajoti, KL2006129
Sarvastivada, Darstantika, Sautrantika and Yogacara – Some Reflections on Theri InterrelationDhammajoti, KL2006129
Sarvāstivāda abhidharmaDhammajoti, KL2009238
The Sarvāstivāda Doctrine of the āveṇikā avidyāDhammajoti, KL2009136
Satin FlowersLam, ASL199887
Saturated fatty acids induce insulin resistance in human podocytes: Implications for diabetic nephropathyLennon, R; Pons, D; Sabin, MA; Wei, C; Shield, JP; Coward, RJ; Tavaré, JM; Mathieson, PW; Saleem, MA; Welsh, GI20099
Savings banks in the Asia-Pacific region: a history of developmentLee, PT201177
Say yes to life. Vol. 1 : suicidal myths and facts = 生命在你手 : 自殺與防治的迷思與事實Tong, Natalie; Leung, Kathy20041,241
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