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Qian Gang, 'About Myself and My Tangshan,' The Great China Earthquake. Introduction by Ying Chan, Chan, 1986
Global muckraking: 100 years of investigative journalism from around the world
The New Press
Chan, YY201415
Qigong exercise could reduce upper limb lymphedema and improve blood flow in breast cancer survivors
Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine
Stiftelsen Rehabiliteringsinformation. The Journal's web site is located at
Fong, SSM; Ng, SSM; Luk, WS; Chung, JWY; Tsang, WWN201364
The Qing Dynasty's Navy and Li Hung-chang
Chung Hwa Book Company Ltd..
Qian, G2004276
Quality assurance manual.
School of Professional and Continuing Education, The University of Hong Kong
University of Hong Kong. School of Professional and Continuing Education.2000288
Quality control in the Hong Kong electronics industry
Centre of Asian Studies, University of Hong Kong
Chiu, WK1973127
Quality in adult continuing education: Hong Kong perspectives
School of Professional and Continuing Education, University of Hong Kong
Chan, FT; Holford, John; University of Hong Kong. School of Professional and Continuing Education.1999188
Quality Management using RFID and Third Generation Mobile Communications Systems
IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering
Ng, H; Fok, WWT; Luo, Z2006166
Quality of life and motivation to learn: A study of medical students
Issues in Educational Research
Henning, M; Krägeloh, C; Hawken, S; Zhao, Y; Doherty, I2010177
The Quality of Life in Macau
Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK.
Wong, SL; Yeung, Y.M.; Wan, P.S.; Zheng, VWT2007247
Quality of Life of End-of-Life Care Recipients in Care and Attention Homes
International Conference on Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society
Lou, VW; Tsui, AKM; Lam, SH; Wong, SWP; Tang, JCS; Dai, A201418
The Quality of Life of Medical Students Studying in New Zealand: A Comparison With Nonmedical Students and a General Population Reference Group
Teaching and Learning in Medicine
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. The Journal's web site is located at
Henning, MA; Krägeloh, CU; Hawken, SJ; Zhao, Y; Doherty, I201294
Quality of life: international and domestic students studying medicine in New Zealand
Perspectives On Medical Education
Bohn Stafleu van Loghum B.V.. The Journal's web site is located at
Henning, MA; Krageloh, C; Moir, F; Doherty, I; Hawken, SJ2012154
Quantification of mdical news coverage in US Newspapers
AEJMC Conference Paper Abstracts 2008
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC)
Lai, WYY200832
The Quest for Fa-zhi (Legal rule) in Three Chinese Societies: Junior Secondary Textbooks of Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in Comparison
The Social Transformation Of Chinese Societies
Hong Kong Sociological Association.
Ng, STM; Tse, TKC201115
The Question of the oldest teachings of the Buddha: some remarks of the criteria for the stratification of the Buddhist Canon
International Buddhist College.
Dhammajoti, KL2009103
The Questions of Lesser and Minor Rules
International Buddhist Research Seminar
Guang, X201095
The Questions of Lesser and Minor Rules
Journal of International Buddhist Studies
Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University.
Guang, X2010107
'The quiet professionals', 'Spin doctor', 'Empress for a month', 'Sleeping waterlilies', 'Yellow flowers on a battlefield', 'An unexpected fortune' and 'I have walked on air'Lam, ASL2001100
The Quiet Return of 'China's Conscience' : Banished journalist Liu Binyan has at last been laid to rest in native soil
Wall Street Journal Asia
Dow Jones Publishing Company (Asia) Inc. The Journal's web site is located at
Bandurski, DL2011129
A rabbit lens epithelial cell line supports expression of an exogenous crystallin gene characteristic of lens fiber cell differentiation
Experimental Eye Research
Academic Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Meakin, SO; Reddan, JR; Tsui, LC; Breitman, ML1989333
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