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Results 1994 to 2013 of 5772
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Gait patternsAbernethy, AB; Lu, WW2005134
Gambling in Taiwan: problems, research and policyYen, CF; Wu, HYJ2013101
Gambling: winners and losersFlanagan, Kristin.2001442
Game-based training for improving skill and physical fitness in team sport athletes.Gabbett, T; Jenkins, D; Abernethy, AB2009202
Gamma-crystallins of the human eye lens: expression analysis of five members of the gene family.Meakin, SO; Du, RP; Tsui, LC; Breitman, ML1987344
Gamma-glutamyl transferase level predicts the development of hypertension in Hong Kong ChineseCheung, BMY; Ong, KL; Tso, AWK; Cherny, SS; Sham, PC; Lam, TH; Lam, KSL2011376
Gao Hua, a Historian Living in the Cracks of HistoryQian, G201280
The gap junction: A channel for multiple functions?Bruzzone, R; Meda, P1988100
Gap junctional coupling modulates secretion of exocrine pancreas.Meda, P; Bruzzone, R; Chanson, M; Bosco, D; Orci, L198790
Gap junctions: ductin or connexins--which component is the critical one?Bruzzone, R; Goodenough, DA199555
Gap junctions: Fates worse than death?White, TW; Bruzzone, R200071
Gap junctions: Getting the message throughNicholson, SM; Bruzzone, R199784
Gastrointestinal bacteria generate nitric oxide from nitrate and nitriteSobko, T; Reinders, CI; Jansson, EÅ; Norin, E; Midtvedt, T; Lundberg, JO200521
Gastrointestinal nitric oxide generation in germ-free and conventional ratsSobko, T; Reinders, C; Norin, E; Midtvedt, T; Gustafsson, LE; Lundberg, JO200420
GATES: A rapid and powerful gene-based association test using extended Simes procedureLi, MX; Gui, HS; Kwan, JSH; Sham, PC2011373
Gaze behaviour when discriminating marginal off-centerednessMasters, RSW; Rienhoff, R; Fischer, L; Schorer, J; Wilson, RM201149
Gaze training enhances laparoscopic technical skill acquisition and multi-tasking performance: A randomized, controlled studyWilson, MR; Vine, SJ; Bright, E; Masters, RSW; Defriend, D; McGrath, JS2011155
Gaze training improves performance in a virtual reality laparoscopic surgery taskWilson, RM; Vine, S; Masters, R; McGrath, J201155
Gaze training improves technical performances and resistance to distractions in virtual laparoscopic surgeryWilson, M; Vine, S; Brewer, J; Bright, E; Masters, R; McGrath, J201146
Gaze training improves the retention and transfer of laparoscopic technical skills in novicesVine, S; Chaytor, R; McGrath, J; Masters, RSW; Wilson, RM201317
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