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Fa Ju Jing, the oldest Chinese version of the Dharmapada: some remarks on the language and sect affiliation of its originalDhammajoti, KL2009147
Fa Ju Jing, the Oldest Chinese Version of the Dharmapada: some remarks on the language and sect affiliation of its originalDhammajoti, KL2006117
Face validity, construct validity and training benefits of a virtual reality turp simulatorBright, E; Vine, S; Wilson, MR; Masters, RSW; Mcgrath, JS201282
Facing the challenge of digital information technologyLiu, Yuen-hung, Jacqueline.; 廖婉虹.2001560
Factor Structure and Psychometric Properties of the Work-Family Balance Scale in an Urban Chinese SampleZhang, H; Yip, PSF; Chi, P; Chan, K; Cheung, YT; Zhang, X2012355
Factor structure of the multidimensional orientation toward dying and death inventory among Hong Kong college students: A preliminary studyWittkowski, J; Ho, SMY; Chan, WCH2011122
Factorial structure and comparison between obese and non-obese children’s physical self-conceptHau, KT; Sung, RYT; Marsh, HW; Yu, CW; Lau, WC2006113
Factors affecting long-term care use in Hong KongLou, VWQ; Chui, EWT; Leung, AYM; Tang, KL; Chi, I; Leung Wong, EKS; Kwan, CW2011256
Factors affecting long-term care utilization in Hong Kong – Policy implicationsLou, VW; Chui, EWT; Leung, AYM; Tang, KL; Chi, I; Leung Wong, EKS201091
Factors Associated with Healthy Longevity: A Report from the Study of Oldest-Old and Centenarians in Hong KongCheung, KSL; Yip, PSF; Chi, I; Chui, EWT; Leung, AYM; Chan, FHW2010140
Factors associated with participant compliance in studies using accelerometersLee, H; Macfarlane, DJ; Lam, TH201315
Factors associated with the abuse of older Chinese with dementia by their family caregivers: results of a 6-month longitudinal studyYan, E201098
Factors associated with the decline in suicide by pesticide poisoning in Taiwan: A time trend analysis, 1987-2010Chang, SS; Lu, TH; Eddleston, M; Konradsen, F; Sterne, JAC; Lin, JJ; Gunnell, D2012125
Factors associated with the quality of life of residents in a nursing homeLai, CKY; Leung, DDM; Kwong, EWY; Lee, RLP; Chan, KS201191
Factors For A Successful International Collaboration To Develop An Evidence Based Practice E-Learning CourseHoney, M; Doherty, I; McKillop, A200833
Factors influencing children’s game behaviour between active and seated mediaLam, WK; Sit, HP; McManus, AM200896
Factors related to suicidal ideation among adolescents in Hong KongNg, SM; Ran, MS; Chan, C2010210
Faculty transformation: Three forms of inquiry to increase staff capability for teaching with technologiesDoherty, I200936
Fall efficacy and reinvestment in older adultsWong, Wai-lung.; 黃偉龍2003244
Fall history and perception of the steepness of stairs by community-dwelling elderlyKung, Ka-kei.; 龔珈奇.2010276
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