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'Dancing class': Schooling the dance in colonial and post-colonial Hong KongVertinsky, P; McManus, A; Sit, C2007106
Dancing under control: online media in mainland ChinaBai, Jing; 白凈2001496
Dancing with my mistress: embezzlement and the professionalization of banking employees in Shanghai.Lee, PT2006105
Dangers of thrombolysis (V)Mathieson, PW19905
Davies, John PatonRoberts, PM201044
DC-specific ICAM-3-grabbing nonintegrin mediates internalization of HIV-1 into human podocytesMikulak, J; Teichberg, S; Arora, S; Kumar, D; Yadav, A; Salhan, D; Pullagura, S; Mathieson, PW; Saleem, MA; Singhal, PC201011
Deadline assignment in a distributed soft real-time systemKao, Ben; GarciaMolina, Hector1993292
Dealing with natural constraints: The timing of information pick-up by cricket batsman of different skill levels.Abernethy, AB; Muller, S.; Farrow, D.; Wallis, G.; Barras, N.200566
Dean, Arthur HobsonRoberts, PM201030
Death from the Budhist view: Knowing the UnknownJing, Y2006105
Debris Flow Research in ChinaKang, Z; Lee, CF; Law, KT; Ma, AN200493
A decade's struggle: ideology, frame transformation and collective action of the Chinese Falun Gong MovementChan, CSC201087
Decentering: The Rise of Hong Kong as a Network SocietyWong, SL200981
Decentering: The Rise of Hong Kong as a Network SocietyWong, SL2006122
Decentring: The Rise of Hong Kong as a Network SocietyWong, SL200980
Deciding to Stay, Deciding to Move, Deciding Not to DecideWong, SL199990
Decision trees for uncertain dataTsang, S; Kao, B; Yip, KY; Ho, WS; Lee, SD2009189
Decomposing the widening suicide gender gap: an experience in Taipei City, TaiwanChen, YY; Kwok, RCL; Yip, PSF2012105
A decomposition theorem for maximum weight bipartite matchingsKao, MY; Lam, TW; Sung, WK; Ting, HF2001343
A decompositional analysis of the relative contribution of age, sex and methods of suicide to the changing patterns of suicide in Taipei City, 2004-2006Yip, PSF; Caine, E; Kwok, RC; Chen, YY201260
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