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A comparative study of democratization in Hong Kong and MacauHo, Chi-keung, Albert.; 何志強.2001232
A comparative study of Japanese colonial rule in Korea and TaiwanLai, Kam-ming; 黎錦明.2001434
A comparative study of Lao Tzu's Dao and the fourfold dependent origination and the three verses of the great perfection in the rNyingma schoolLin, Yu-hung; 林昱宏201338
A comparative study of political leadership in Japan and South KoreaLi, Wan-hay.; 李允熹.1999342
A comparative study of press control in Singapore and the People's Republic of ChinaChing, Chee-fong.; 程芷芳.2001278
A comparative study of state-owned enterprises in the People's Republic of China and in TaiwanYeung, Hok-wo, Henry.; 楊學和1999293
A comparative study of the health care policies in Hong Kong and SingaporeSuen, Yuk-lam, Kelvin; 孫玉林2002302
A comparative study of the news media in Hong Kong and SingaporeWong, Kwok-ngan.; 黃國顔.1999355
A comparative study of the pro-democracy student movements in Indonesia 1998 and China 1989Yip, Wing-yee.; 葉詠儀。1999264
A comparative study of the pure land teachings of Shandao (613-681) and Shinran (1173-1262)Cheung, Tak-ching, Neky.; 張德貞.2001261
A comparative study of the role of state: bigbusiness relationship in economic development in Japan and KoreaChui, Shuk-yee.; 崔淑儀.1999190
A comparative study of the status of women in the family: Japan and Hong KongTang, Sau-man, Jenny.; 鄧秀汶.1999246
A comparative study on the industrial policy in Japan and South KoreaChan, Wai-keung, Timothy.; 陳偉強.1999317
A comparison of citizenship education in Hong Kong and SingaporeChen, Sin-lok Angela.; 陳仙樂.1998466
A conditionally immortalized human podocyte cell line demonstrating nephrin and podocin expressionSaleem, MA; O'Hare, MJ; Reiser, J; Coward, RJ; Inward, CD; Farren, T; Chang, YX; Ni, L; Mathieson, PW; Mundel, P200210
A consideration of the contagion and emergent-norm theories: a case study of Lan Kwai FongCheng, Long-ping, Johnny.1994275
A critical analysis of the role of the state in economic development of East Asia: the case studies of Taiwan andJapanWan, Ho Yin, Adrian.; 溫浩然.2001276
A critical review of treatment for membranous nephropathy.Mathieson, PW; Rees, AJ19918
A microeconomic study of China's rural industrialization, 1978-1994: cultural constraints, institutionalchanges, and economic efficiencyCheung, Hoi-cheung.; 張海祥.2000163
A novel renal perspective of preeclampsia: A look from the podocyte [1]Henao, DE; Mathieson, PW; Saleem, MA; Bueno, JC; Cadavid, Á20079
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