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W.A.P. Martin's missionary activities in China, 1850-1916Shang, Vee-sui, Katherine; 尚維瑞1984369
W.E.B. Du Bois and AsiaLim, Anne Wing-huen.; 林詠萱.2010294
Wagering love between desire and discipline: a study of sexual power in Eric Rohmer's Six moral talesLai, Wai-ting, Thomas.; 黎偉廷.2011273
Waging a two-front war: inmates during incarceration and social workers working on ex-convict rehabilitationin ChinaCheng, Shing.; 鄭誠.2009419
Waiting for intelligent vertical transport systems: a comparison of the International Commerce Centre and AIATowerCheung, Kar-wai, Joseph.; 張家偉.2012194
Walkable new towns: a review on the pedestrian environment in Hong Kong's new towns for the planning forfuture new development areasLeung, Sui-hei.; 梁萃熹.2012177
Walking into history: experiencing Tang city wallLü, Lin; 呂琳2005285
Walled buildings in Hong KongTong, Serena.; 唐思敏20091,036
Wanchai Gap Road revitalizationLeung, Shun-cheung, Xylem.; 梁順祥2001569
Wandering ideal point models for single or multi-attribute ranking data: a Bayesian approachLeung, Hiu-lan.; 梁曉蘭.2003667
Wang Bi and limitations of the expressive power of languageHo, Siu-kei, Gary.; 何肇基.2009289
Wang Laboratories, Inc.: a case study of strategic and organizational success and failureLee, Kwan, Vivian.; 李群19941,076
Wang Shuo's fiction and popular cultureLam, King-sau.; 林勁秀.2005644
Wang Ting Xiang (1474-1544)Chen, Weiming; 陳偉明1993516
Wang Tung, 584-617Yeung, Wing-on, Henri.; 楊永安1986301
Wang Yuan (1648-1710)Tsui, Man-hon.; 崔文翰.2004348
War or peaceTang, Chan-chu.; 鄧燦珠.1997327
War, intervention and moralityAgassi, Joseph; Goldstein, Laurence, 1947-; Hansen, Chad2003660
Washback and possible selves: Chinese non-English-major undergraduates' English learning experiencesZhan, Ying; 詹颖2009435
Waste management and its implications for environmental planning: a review of the waste management strategyfor Hong KongSo, Wing-yeung.; 蘇永揚.1994342
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