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Vaccine development against the severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus (SARS-CoV) using SARS-CoV spike proteinLaw, Ka-man.; 羅嘉敏.2005342
The Vagina monologuesLiu, Si-si; Tam, Kong Sau2004410
Validating a quantified clinical screening tool in detecting aspirationChing, K. Y.; 程潔怡.2005225
Validation and calibration of a digital subtraction radiography systemfor quantitative assessment of alveolar bone changesWoo, Mei-sum, Becky; 胡美心2000354
Validation of a Chinese version of the quality of life factors (QF) questionnaire among cancer patients in Hong KongChan, Yuk-pui, Rose.; 陳玉佩.2005281
Validation of a HPLC assay for porphobilinogen synthase in human erythrocytes for use in the clinical laboratorySuen, Kin-wah; 孫建華2004519
Validation of a questionnaire instrument for prediction of obstructivesleep apnea syndrome in Hong Kong Chinese childrenCheung, Yuk-mei, Agnes.; 張育美.2004488
Validation of dietary and physical activity measures in an older Chinese populationDeng, Hanbing; 鄧寒冰2007437
Validation of graft and standard liver size predictions in right liver living donor liver transplantationChan, SC; Lo, CM; Chok, KSH; Sharr, WW; Cheung, TT; Tsang, SHY; Chan, ACY; Fan, ST2011486
Validation of modified fuld object-memory evaluation (FOME) for screening of geriatric population with cognitive impairment in HongKongLam, Wai-tak, Ronny.; 林偉德.2005281
Validation of the Chinese version of the location learning test for elderly Chinese in Hong KongNg, Tsz-hang.; 吳子恆.2005199
Validation of the Chinese version of the Sense of Self (SOS) ScaleKing, RB; Ganotice, FA; Watkins, DA2011237
Validation of the insomnia severity index, athens insomnia scale and sleep quality index in adolescent population in Hong KongKan, Ka-ki, Katherine.; 簡嘉琪2008670
Validation of the new knee society knee scoring system for outcome assessment after total knew arthroplastyZhang, Yin; 張銀201344
Validation of the patient health questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9) Hong Kong Chinese version in the elderly population in Hong KongYeung, Yick-him, Danny.; 楊益謙.2010726
Validation of the psychological maltreatment of women inventory for Chinese womenCheung, Shuk-ting; 張淑婷20135
Validation of the psychometric properties of the health-promoting lifestyle profile in a sample of Taiwanese womenLo, M; Wong, CN2011315
Validation of the quality of life questionnaire of the European foundation for osteoporosis (QUALEFFO-31) in ChineseLai, BMH; Tsang, SWY; Lam, CLK; Kung, AWC2010178
Validity and reliability of the Cantonese version of the checklist forautism in toddlers (CHAT): a preliminarystudyChu, Ka-lai, Joanne; 朱嘉麗2000473
Validity of cephalometric landmarksTng, Thiam-huat.; 湯添發1991275
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