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U-Pb age and Hf isotopic study of detrital zircons from the Liaohe Group: constraints on the evolution of theJiao-Liao-Ji Belt, North China cratonLuo, Yan; 羅彥2005294
U.S.-China relations in the age of globalizationTalbott, Strobe2004314
Ubiquitous chromatin opening element (UCOE)-mediated human coagulationFactor IX secretion by lentiviral transduction of human mesenchymalstem cellsWong, Chi-kin, Felix.; 黃子鍵.201367
Ultimate form of recycling: integrated landfill management: leachate recirculation, landfill gas utilizationand landfill mining : are they applicable to Hong Kong?Hon, Siu-ming.; 韓兆明.1995388
Ultimate strength and deformation of rectangular prestressed concrete beams subjected to combined bending and shearChung, Hung-wan.; 鍾鴻穩1963494
Ultrafast temporal spectroscopy based on parametric mixing time-lensZhang, Chi; 张驰201323
Ultrafilters and topologiesWong, Ngai-ying.; 黃毅英1981345
Ultrashort time-to-echo MRI of the cartilaginous endplate and relationship to disc degeneration and Schmorl's nodes, andretrospective study of paediatric spines and the neurocentralsynchondrosisLaw, Tsz-kwun.; 羅子冠.2011257
Ultrasonic non-destructive testing using digital pulse compressionHui, Man-shan.; 許文山1981423
Ultrasonic reflection tomography over circular apertureLiu, Wai-yin.; 廖威賢1992436
Ultrasonographic screening of asymptomatic thyroid cancer in Hong KongChineseYuen, Po-wing.; 袁寶榮.2010329
Ultrasound-assisted synthesis of some N-heterocyclic long-chain fatty ester derivativesPrabhavathi, Kalluri.1996380
Ultrastructural and stereological investigation of the effects of hexamethylene bisacetamide on human colon carcinoma LoVo cells invitroLau, Yue-huen, Thomas.; 劉汝這2000473
Ultrastructural and taxonomic studies of freshwater ascomycetesWong, Sze-wing.; 黃思永.1996348
Ultrastructural basis of steroid-induced ocular hypertensionLee, Yan-yee, Jacinta.; 李茵怡.2010304
Ultrastructural imaging of the cervical spinal cordLi, Ting-hung, Darrell.; 李廷雄.2010516
Ultrastructural studies in the genus PericoniaBunning, Susan Elizabeth.1981340
Ultrastructural study of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells in vivo and invitroLi, Chung-leung.; 李仲良1981331
Ultrastructural, histochemical and molecular features of the invasive phase of candida speciesJayatilake, J. A. M. S.2006274
(Un)making Chineseness: gender and cultural politics in Clara Law's filmsLam, Shue-fung.; 林澍峰.2006473
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