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T'ang poetry in English: a survey and critical study of translations from 1884-1975Hui, Chui-yee, Eleanor.; 許趣怡1981439
T'ao Tsung-i and his Cho-ke��ng-luLau, Sai-chan.; 劉世燦.1987478
T-cell prolymphocytic leukaemia: Spontaneous immunophenotypical switch from CD4 to CD8 expressionTse, E; So, CC; Cheung, WWW; Kwong, YL201199
T.S. Eliot and musicPerito, Carl C.2003359
Tabu search-based techniques for clustering data setsWong, Chung-sze.; 黃頌詩2001267
Tackling corporate fraud in Hong Kong: a casestudy of Sally Aw.Yau, Sin-man.; 邱倩雯.2000730
Tackling fraudulent activities in the Hong Kong stock marketChu, Chi-chiu, Alaric.; 朱子昭.2004696
Tackling the problem of global Chinese human smuggling: from a perspective of international cooperationHui, Ka-yu.; 許嘉裕.2010214
Tackling the problem of unauthorized occupation of government land in Hong KongNg, Yuen-yan.; 吳婉茵.2006408
Taco Bell: prospects in Hong Kong and China :a strategic guideFerry, Peter Christopher.1993990
Tai Kiu Tsuen: determining the essential character defining elements of a typical village in the NewTerritoriesLai, Sai-kong.; 賴世剛.2012259
Tai Mong Tsai outdoor educational and recreational campChan, Shun-tim.; 陳順甜.1997544
Tai Po Kau nature reserve as an educational resource for secondary schoolsCheung, Ka-wa, Simon.; 張嘉華.1997607
Tailoring optical properties of light-emitting diodes by nanostructuring with nanospheresZhang, Qian; 张倩2012281
Taiwan's propaganda activities in the United States, 1971-1979Wang, Chongyuan.; 王重圆.201382
Taiwanese investment in China: changing trends and special implicationsAu, Wing-lun.; 歐詠麟.2004817
TAK1 promotes ovarian cancer aggressiveness through activation of NF-kB pathwayCai, Chunhui; 蔡春晖201346
Taking basic education in the PRC forward: a study of the enjoyment of the right to education in the PRC ininternational and domestic lawLiu, Lanlan.; 刘兰兰.2012239
Taking care of pediatric SARS patient in isolation ward: a phenomenological viewCheung, Mei-ying, Josephine.; 張美盈.2004249
A tale of two population crises in recent Chinese historyLee, HF; Zhang, DD2013383
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