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Qian Daxin's (1728-1804) scholarship on confucian classics and historiographyWong, Kai-wa.; 黃啓華1990488
Qigong: an investigation into the psychological effects of Chinese meditationDorcas, Allen.1996465
Qing poetry on MingMing, Yau-yau.; 明柔佑.2010610
Qipao: living and evolving tangible and intangible cultural heritageKok, Chui-wah, Ranee.; 郭翠華.2012296
Qiqiao BanWu, Hoi-sai, Kathy.; 鄔凱茜.2003439
A QPTAS for TSP with Fat Weakly Disjoint Neighborhoods in Doubling MetricsChan, THH; Elbassioni, K2011135
Quadrature predistortion using difference-frequency technique forbase-station high-power amplifiersXiao, Mingxiang; 肖明祥2009571
Qualitative content analysis of classical traditional Chinese medicineliterature on the core symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorderLam, Tak-ho.; 林德豪.2011449
Qualitative differences in teachers' enactment of task-based language teaching in the English as second language (ESL) primary classroomChan, Sui-ping.; 陳瑞冰.2006243
Qualities and processes of mobility: a study of managerial elities in Hong KongLau, Ka-ying.; 劉嘉盈.2010284
Quality assessment system for property management services in residential properties by reliability interval method (RIM)Chan, Ka-wai, Raif.; 陳嘉慧.2012340
Quality control circles in Hong Kong, with a survey and case studyHo, Chiu-lam.; 何樵林.1984470
Quality education in physical education: Hongkong secondary students' perception on qualities of physical educationteachersLo, Shun-kwong.; 羅信光.2000391
Quality enhancement and segmentation for biomedical imagesCai, Hongmin.; 蔡宏民.2007917
Quality evaluation of geriatric health information on Yahoo! Answers : a cross-cultural comparative studyWong, Nga-man; 黃雅敏201364
Quality in residential property management: an evaluation of total quality management in private propertymanagement sectorTsang, Lai-shuen.; 曾麗旋.2009548
Quality management in commercial properties of the Hong Kong Housing AuthorityChan, Chun-hung; 陳俊雄2000424
Quality management in Hongkong telecom: effects & effectivenessLau, Ting-fai, Keith.; 劉庭輝.1996342
Quality management in the Royal Hong Kong Police Force: its implementation and the way forwardCheung, Shun-ho, Edwin.; 張遜豪.1996366
Quality management issues facing a testing laboratoryChan, Chi-chung.; 陳智聰.1998470
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