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J.J. Rousseau's Social contract and the emergence of republican ideas in modern China, 1895-1911Lam, Kai-yin.; 林啓彥1984447
JAK-STAT pathway as potential target of acute myeloid leukemiaHan, Ho-chun.; 韓浩俊.2012109
Janus 5 (November) Information Commons: The Walmartization of Libraries and LearningFerguson, AW2005102
Janus Conference Key Challenges: Whacky and Non-totally Whacky IdeasFerguson, AW200683
Japan China's policy: Koizumi as a "presidential" prime minister and the foreign and securitypolicymaking processHoriuchi, Toru.2009426
Japan in China's foreign policy, 1972-1979Tsoi, Fung-lin.; 蔡鳳蓮.1985354
Japanese and Chinese management information systems and the question of transferabilityFukuda, K. John1982442
Japanese business networks: Hong Kong case studiesLau, Po-wah, Chris.; 劉寶華.1997385
Japanese from China: the zanryu-hojin and their lives in two countriesChan, Yee-shan; 陳漪珊2007335
Japanese influence on the Shanghainese textile industry and implications for Hong KongNishida, Judith Mary.1990365
Japanese Noh theatre: the aesthetic principleof Jo-ha-kyu in the play MatsukazeHui, Yu-chun, Lorena.; 許如珍1999625
Japanese popular culture in Hong Kong: case studies of youth consumption of cute products and fashion magazinesTam, Pui-yim, Jenifer.20021,332
Japanese small and medium electronics firms in South China: changing subcontracting structuresChan, Ka-sik.; 陳嘉適.2001693
Japonifying the qin: the appropriation of Chinese qin music in Tokugawa JapanYang, Yuanzheng.; 楊元錚.2008132
Jazz complex in Shek OYau, Tang-yiu, Tony.; 邱騰耀.1999559
Jean-Jacques Rousseau's critique of the artsLi, Ying-kit; 李英傑.2005659
JESSICA: Java-enabled single-system-image computing architectureMa, Jin-ming.; 馬展明.1999905
Jessup final competition 2002University of Hong Kong. Faculty of Law2002488
Jewish imagery and orientalism in nineteenth and early twentieth century European artTsang, Wing-yi.; 曾穎怡.2007501
Jian Bozan (1898-1968) and his historiographyNg, Tat-yan.; 伍達仁.1991278
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