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B lymphocyte development and function in leptin receptor-deficient miceXu, Jialin; 徐嘉林2005257
B-Catenin mutations and expression in hepatocellular carcinomaWong, Chun-ming; 黃俊銘2000399
B-lactamases in Burkholderia pseudomalleiCheung, Kin-man.; 張健文2002320
Back Talk - Charleston Wrap Up: Top 10 Things I Learned at the Charleston ConferenceFerguson, A.W.2007525
Backbone and side-chain 1H, 13C and 15N assignments of the ubiquitin-associated domain of human X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis proteinHui, SK; Tse, MK; Yang, Y; Wong, BCY; Sze, KH2010251
Backbone and side-chain 1H, 15N and 13C resonance assignments of S18Y mutant of ubiquitin carboxy-terminal hydrolase L1Tse, HS; Hu, HY; Sze, KH2011158
Backtalk: It's the Web, StupidFerguson, AW2005109
Backtalk: Library Heroes, Patience, Stories with Happy Endings, and Problems Yet UnsolvedFerguson, AW2004128
Backtalk: Post Google Super Print and Post TsunamiFerguson, AW2005103
Backtalk: Quick Visit to Libraries in SingaporeFerguson, AW200580
Backward inhibition in pathological gamblersSuen, Yiu-kwan, Edmond.; 孫耀君2008389
Bacterial communities in different sections of a municipal wastewater treatment plant revealed by 16S rDNA 454 pyrosequencingYe, L; Zhang, T2013393
Bacterial degradation of ortho-dimethyl phthalate ester and adaptationof escherichia coli K12 to carbon-limited growthWang, Yingying.; 王瑩瑩.2004768
Bacterial indicators for beach water qualityYau, Yick-yee, Joyce.; 丘奕怡.1999413
Bacterial methionine aminopeptidase as a potential target for therapeuticsNg, Wai-yun, Louisa.; 吳慧欣.2006326
Bacterial penetration into root canal dentineKhan, Ali Akbar.2007300
Bacteriophage and antibiogram characterization of Staphylococcus aureus strains from hospital patientsTse, Suk-yee, Doris; 謝淑儀1975430
Baggage claims under common law and international conventions: analysis of passengers' rights andcarriers? liabilitiesIp, Chun-kit; 葉俊傑2010245
Baicalin modulates immuno-inflammatory responses in human oral keratinocytes: molecular mechanisms andclinical implicationsLuo, Wei; 罗巍2011266
Baicalin protects neural cells from cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury by scavenging peroxynitriteXu, Mingjing.; 徐明婧.2011232
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