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Human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) mRNA in peripheral blood leukocytes differentiates active infection from latencyNg, Hoi-yee, Iris; 吳凱怡2002323
Human impact on the structure and water status of urban park soils in Hong KongHung, Chui-shan, Bonnie.; 洪翠珊.2001226
Human kidney as an organ of complement synthesis: its regulation by tubular proteinTang, Chi-wai, Sydney.; 鄧智偉2001275
Human mesenchymal stromal cells enhance bone marrow metastases of neuroblastoma via SDF-1 related pathwaysMa, Ming; 馬明2010223
Human papillomavirus testing in cervical cancer screening: potential harms and implications for interventionKwan, Tak-ching, Tracy.; 關德貞.2011241
Human resource management in Hong Kong Civil Service: a case study of the development of a multi-skilledgeneral support servicePoon, Sau-yu, Kerry.; 潘秀瑜.1999333
Human resource management in traditional China: an examination of how Han imperial officials wererecruited and its legacyWong, Fan-yi.; 黃芬儀1997221
Human resources management of joint ventures in ChinaCheung, Wing-yee, Kelly; 張詠1994167
Human resources strategies for China operationsNg, Kwai-kuen, Eric.; 吳貴權1995220
Human rights and Chinese ethical thinkingYu, Kam-por.; 余錦波1996389
Human rights perspectives in the Republic of China and the People's Republic of ChinaKershaw, Christopher John.1993206
Human space flight training centre: a cradle for preparation of future space explorationLeung, Tonny.; 梁啟東.2004351
Human swine influenza vaccination in Hong KongYao, Mianzhi.; 姚绵志.2010173
Human vision and the natural visual world: psychophysical results and natural-image analysis reveal comparableand consistent patterns of contour-curvature statisticsCham, Siu-lai, Joey.; 覃紹禮.2008672
Human, house, housing policyZhang, Jian, Kenny; 張劍2002305
Humanitarian intervention and the use of forceRana, Naomi.1996416
Humanitarianism in national and global governance: a study of Taiwan's responses to diseases anddisastersGuilloux, Alain.2006215
Hume and reason: a sceptical theory of morality and lawAllan, James.1993420
Hume's sentimentalism and moral motivationZhou, Yuqing; 周玉清201318
Humor recognition and appreciation deficits in early psychosisNg, Hoi-ching, Iris; 吳愷晴201336
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