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11 Day, 11 Libraries (Whirlwind tour of newly constructed teaching facilities, libraries, and Learning Commons in Australia/New Zealand)Ferguson, AW2007176
[125I] iodomelatonin binding sites in the avian brain and retinaYuan, He.; 袁和19934,005
13 interesting things to get your students active in lecturesMorrison, Tony20041,054
18F FDG PET-CT scan in nasopharyngeal carcinoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: two common cancers of the Hong KongpopulationChan, Kit-sum.; 陳潔沁.20103,171
2, 2-disubstituted-1, 4-diketones, and their conversion to pyrrole derivativesMaini, Prem Nath.19843,238
2003知識管理與高效能知識服務國際硏討會曁第八屆CNKI數字圖 書館用戶年會International forum on knowledge management and effective knowledge service (2003 : Hong Kong, China)20031,210
2007政制硏討會 = Seminar on 2007 Constitutional ReviewLeung, Ka-wing; 梁家永2004860
2009香港出版現況Ko, AYW201047
2010香港出版現況Ko, AYW201147
2012年香港出版回顧Ko, AYW201362
20th century warming: what fractions are fromanthropogenic greenhouse gases and from natural on solar effects?Guzy, Jr Darrel James.20112,671
21 shi-ji shu-zi tu-shu-guan lian-meng : Xiang-Gang JULAC (Da-Xue Tu-Shu-Quan-Zhang Lian-Xi-Hui) shi-li (Digital Library Consortia in the 21 st Century : The Hong Kong JULAC Case)Chan, GRYC; Ferguson, AW2003372
{221} thalassaemia in Hong Kong childrenLi, Ming-cheng, Anita.; 李明眞.19982,544
291: visual poetry of the proto-Dada avant-gardeTomfohrde, Carmen Sue.20113,028
3D metric reconstruction from uncalibrated circular motion image sequencesZhong, Huang.; 鐘煌.20063,446
3D model reconstruction from silhouettesLiang, Chen; 梁晨20083,252
3D reconstruction and camera calibration from circular-motion image sequencesLi, Yan; 李燕20053,859
3D reconstruction of coronary artery and brain tumor from 2D medical imagesLaw, Kwok-wai, Albert.; 羅國偉.20043,622
3D reconstruction of lines, ellipses and curves from multiple imagesMai, Fei; 買斐20083,449
3D reconstruction of road vehicles based on textural features from a single imageLam, Wai-leung, William.; 林偉亮.20063,593
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