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La psychoanalyse en Chine avant 1949: Le rejet ou la distorsionBlowers, GH199789
Lack of benefit from information across spatial scales in an object recognition taskCheung, SH; Legge, GE200266
Language and cognitionAu, TK198886
Language and cultureAu, TKF200277
Language and thoughtAu, TK199883
Large recurrent microdeletions associated with schizophreniaStefansson, H; Rujescu, D; Cichon, S; Pietiläinen, OPH; Ingason, A; Steinberg, S; Fossdal, R; Sigurdsson, E; Sigmundsson, T; BuizerVoskamp, JE; Hansen, T; Jakobsen, KD; Muglia, P; Francks, C; Matthews, PM; Gylfason, A; Halldorsson, BV; Gudbjartsson, D; Thorgeirsson, TE; Sigurdsson, A; Jonasdottir, A; Jonasdottir, A; Bjornsson, A; Mattiasdottir, S; Blondal, T; Haraldsson, M; Magnusdottir, BB; Giegling, I; Möller, HJ; Hartmann, A; Shianna, KV; Ge, D; Need, AC; Crombie, C; Fraser, G; Walker, N; Lonnqvist, J; Suvisaari, J; TuulioHenriksson, A; Paunio, T; Toulopoulou, T; Bramon, E; Di Forti, M; Murray, R; Ruggeri, M; Vassos, E; Tosato, S; Walshe, M; Li, T; Vasilescu, C; Mühleisen, TW; Wang, AG; Ullum, H; Djurovic, S; Melle, I; Olesen, J; Kiemeney, LA; Franke, B; Sabatti, C; Freimer, NB; Gulcher, JR; Thorsteinsdottir, U; Kong, A; Andreassen, OA; Ophoff, RA; Georgi, A; Rietschel, M; Werge, T; Petursson, H; Goldstein, DB; Nöthen, MM; Peltonen, L; Collier, DA; St Clair, D; Stefansson, K; Kahn, RS; Linszen, DH; Van Os, J; Wiersma, D; Bruggeman, R; Cahn, W; De Haan, L; Krabbendam, L; MyinGermeys, I2008201
Late second language learners: what predicts good outcomesOh, JS; Au, TKF; Knightly, LM; Jun, SA200363
Late second language learners: what predicts good outcomes?Au, TKF; Oh, JS200599
Late stage crowding: evidence from crowding of illusory contour and Chinese characterLau, Siu-fung.; 劉兆鋒.2011148
Laterality effects in the recognition of depth-rotated novel objectsCurby, KM; Hayward, WG; Gauthier, I200449
Lay models of personality: assessment and implicationsTong, Yuk-yue.; 湯旭瑜2002174
Lay personality knowledge and dispositionist thinking: A knowledge-activation frameworkPoon, CSK; Koehler, DJ2006235
Learning a procedural task with animation: a comparison between the high and low visual spatial learnersTsang, Hoi-ling.; 曾凱玲2003196
Learning from others: Japan's role in bringing psychology to ChinaBlowers, G2000292
Learning from others: Japan's role in bringing Psychology to Education in ChinaBlowers, GH199988
Learning from others: the case of Freud and Jung and the East-West divideBlowers, GH200080
Learning of Putonghua helps children in Hong Kong master modern standard Chinese betterHo, CSH; Ng, I; Au, A200177
Learning Spanish as a heritage language: The role of sociocultural background variablesOh, JS; Au, KF2005165
Learning strategies and cognitive engagementYum, Chun-wa.; 任春華2008475
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