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The early auditory gamma-band response is heritable and a putative endophenotype of schizophreniaHall, MH; Taylor, G; Sham, P; Schulze, K; Rijsdijk, F; Picchioni, M; Toulopoulou, T; Ettinger, U; Bramon, E; Murray, RM; Salisbury, DF2011132
Early childhood language memory in the speech perception of international adopteesOh, JS; Au, TKF; Jun, SA2010172
Early difficulties of Chinese preschoolers at familial risk for dyslexia: Deficits in oral language, phonological processing skills, and print-related skillsSukHan Ho, C; Leung, MT; Cheung, H2011192
Early identification screeners for preschool children at-risk for reading difficulties in Hong KongLeung, Nga-ki, Kate.; 梁雅琪.2010359
Early indicators of persistent reading difficulties among Chinese readers in junior elementary gradesHo, CSH; Yeung, PS; Wong, YK; Chan, DW; Chung, KK; Lo, LY2011163
An early intervention model for social skills development in autistic childrenHo, ITF200278
Early language and phonological difficulties of Chinese preschool children at familial risk for dyslexiaHo, CSH; Leung, M.-T.; Cheung, H.200774
Early language difficulties of Chinese preschool children at familial risk for dyslexiaHo, CSH; Leung, MT; Cheung, H200682
The Early Psychological Adjustment of Cleft Patients After Maxillary Distraction Osteogenesis and Conventional Orthognathic Surgery: A Preliminary StudyKwong Cheung, L; Ser Pheng Loh, J; Ho, SMY2006124
The early psychological ajustment of cleft patients after maxillary distraction osteogenesis and conventional orthognathic surgery: A preliminary studyCheung, L.K.; Loh, J.S.P.; Ho, MY2006104
Early social and communication skills of children with autismCheng, Wan-yee, Vennie.2004662
Early social development of subtypes of autistic childrenHo, ITF200475
An eclectic intervention-planning model for the development of social-communication skills in young children with autism spectrum disordersHo, ITF; Lam, LMO2006190
Editorial: Insights from research on Asian students' achievement motivationHau, KT; Ho, IT2008111
Educational psychology servicesLam, SF; Tam, PWK200396
Educators' opinions on classroom observation as a practice of staff development and appraisalLam, SF2001256
The effect of ageing on confrontational naming abilityTsang, HL; Lee, TMC200382
Effect of aging on prose recallYuen, K; Lee, TMC2001281
Effect of cantonese concepts on comprehension of standard Chinese words in beginning readers: an exporatorystudyMa, Lai-yin, Agnes1983224
Effect of corticosterone and paroxetine on masculine mating behavior: Possible involvement of neurogenesisLau, BWM; Yau, SY; Lee, TMC; Ching, YP; Tang, SW; So, KF2011222
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