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Naming impairment in dementiaNg, Nai-kong, Richard1985378
Naming speed and phonological awareness in Chinese children: Relations to reading skillsMcbride-Chang, C; Ho, CSH200099
Naming-speed deficits and phonological memory deficits in chinese developmental dyslexiaSukHan Ho, C; NgarChi Lai, D1999164
Narcotic dependence and its treatment: towards a social phenomeno-logical model.Cheang, Ming-dak, Joseph; 張明德1978388
Narrative account and process of change in Chinese male batterersChan, EKL200184
Narrative accounts of Chinese male batterers & implications to treatmentChan, EKL2002125
Narrative accounts of Chinese male batterers & Implications to treatmentChan, EKL200970
Narrative Therapy.Yeung, KC2000399
National cultural distance as liability of foreignness: The issue of level of analysisMezias, SJ; Chen, YR; Murphy, P; Biaggio, A; Chuawanlee, W; Hui, H; Okumura, T; Starr, S2002105
National cultural distance liability of foreignness: The issue of level of analysisMezias, SJ; Chen, YR; Murphy, P; Biaggio, A; Chuawanlee, W; Hui, HCC; Okumura, T; Starr, S2002135
National identity, economic interest and Taiwan's cross-strait economic policy 1994-2009Lin, Syaru, Shirley.; 林夏如.2010492
National integration: education for ethnic minorities of the Lao People's Democratic RepublicFaming, Manynooch.2008229
National minority policy in the Sinkiang-Uighur Autonomous Region: 1949-1974Benson, Linda.1976328
National unity struggles in Myanmar: A degenerate case of governance for harmony in AsiaHolliday, I200768
Nationalism and Japan's China policy: a normative study of nationalism & foreign policy makingZhou, Guanfeng.; 周冠峰.2009249
Nationalizing society, identity politics, and foreign policy strategies: Taiwan's mainland policy, 1988-2000Chen, Kaihe.; 陳開和.2004257
The Natural and Built Environment Conservation Sector: Annual Report on the Civil Society in Hong Kong 2010Lee, EWY; Chan, EYM; Yeung, RLK; Chan, JCW; Chau, FLY; Lam, DWF; Liu, HKH201257
Natural and Cultural Influences on Spatial Differentiation of Species Diversity in Taipei's Urban ForestsJim, CY; Chen, Y200997
Natural course of schizophrenia: 2-Year follow-up study in a rural Chinese communityRan, M; Xiang, M; Huang, M; Shan, Y200119
Natural Disasters and their Management in Hong Kong and Mainland ChinaLee, F201222
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