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Japan and psychoanalysisBlowers, GH2001102
Japan and the multiplicity of cultural programmes of modernityEisenstadt, S. N.; University of Hong Kong. Dept. of Sociology.; University of Hong Kong. Social Sciences Research Centre.1994108
Japan China's policy: Koizumi as a "presidential" prime minister and the foreign and securitypolicymaking processHoriuchi, Toru.2009426
Japanese Models, Chinese Culture and the Dilemma of Taiwanese Language Reform (Book Review)Dupre, JF201324
Japanese popular culture in Hong Kong: case studies of youth consumption of cute products and fashion magazinesTam, Pui-yim, Jenifer.20021,332
Jeff McMahan (2009). Killing in warSteinhoff, UB2009148
The Jiao Rituals in Huanghua Township, Yingde City, GuangdongPalmer, DA; Tam, WL201170
Jiko-shisen-kyofu (fear of one's own glance), but not taijin-kyofusho (fear of interpersonal relations), is an east Asian culture-related specific syndromeIwata, Y; Suzuki, K; Takei, N; Toulopoulou, T; Tsuchiya, KJ; Matsumoto, K; Takagai, S; Oshiro, M; Nakamura, K; Mori, N2011218
Job motivation of assistant librarians in Hong Kong Public LibrariesKoo, Wah-hung.; 顧華紅.2010417
Job satisfaction among the typists: a test ofHerzberg's two-factor theoryCheung Wong, Oi-see, Alice.; 張黃藹思.1987312
Job satisfaction and turnover intention of the assistant social work officer in the Social Welfare DepartmentTam, Yuen-sheung.; 譚玄霜.1990319
Job satisfaction in the Royal Hong Kong Police ForceCheung, Siu-wing, Simon.; 張兆榮.1990353
Job satisfaction of outreach youth workers in Hong KongLee, FWL; Wong, CSY2009274
Job satisfaction of the labour officer grade in the 1990s: a study of the application of the Herzberg's theoryTsang, Katherine.; 曾凱蓮.1991328
Job satisfaction, organizational commitment and intention to remain inthe youth and community serviceFung, Wai-lin, Pauline.; 馮衛蓮.1998451
Job-housing Balance and Commuting Changes under Economic Restructuring: The Case of Hong Kong from 1992 to 2002Loo, BPY; Chow, SY2008128
Jobs-housing balance in an era of population decentralization: An analytical framework and a case studyLoo, BPY; Chow, ASY201165
Joint Effects of Asymmetric Payoff and Reciprocity Mechanisms on Collective Cooperation in Water Sharing Interactions: A Game Theoretic PerspectiveNg, CN; WANG, Y; Zhao, T201347
Joint systems in granites on Hong Kong Island and neighbouring areas of Hong KongNau, Pak-sun.; 鈕柏燊1984575
Judging the wrongdoing: blame assignment and responsibility attribution from a cross-cultural perspectiveWan, Wing-Nga, Wendy.; 尹咏雅2002355
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