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µ-η1:η1-N,N-Imidazolidine-bridged Dicopper (II/III) complexes of a new dinucleating µ-Bis(tetradentate) schiff base ligand: synthesis, structural characterization, 1H NMR spectroscopy, and magnetic couplingBera, M; Wong, WT; Aromi, G; Ray, D2005139
µ2-Diiodotetrakis(2-hydroxymethyl-1-methyl-1-imidazole-N3)dicadmium(II) bis[triiodo(2-hydroxymethyl-1-methyl-1-imidazole-N3)cadmate(II)] dihydrateYang, YY; Szeto, L; Ouyang, GF; Huang, ZQ; Wong, WT; Ng, SW2005168
α,ω-diaminoalkanes as models for bases that dicoordinate the proton: An evaluation of the kinetic method for estimating their proton affinitiesWang, Z; Chu, IK; Rodriquez, CF; Hopkinson, AC; Siu, KWM199987
α-aminoxy acids: New possibilities from foldamers to anion receptors and channelsLi, X; Wu, YD; Yang, D2008118
β N-O turns and helices induced by β2-aminoxy peptides: Synthesis and conformational studiesJiao, ZG; Chang, XW; Ding, W; Liu, GJ; Song, KS; Zhu, NY; Zhang, DW; Yang, D2011539
β2,2-aminoxy acids: A new building block for turns and helicesYang, D; Zhang, YH; Zhu, NY200280
β2,3-cyclic aminoxy acids: Rigid and ring-size-independent building blocks of foldamersYang, D; Zhang, DW; Hao, Y; Wu, YD; Luo, SW; Zhu, NY200475
γ4-Aminoxy peptides as new peptidomimetic foldamersChen, F; Zhu, NY; Yang, D200476
π-π interactions in organometallic systems. Crystal structures and spectroscopic properties of luminescent mono-, bi-, and trinuclear trans-cyclometalated platinum(II) complexes derived from 2,6-diphenylpyridineLu, W; Chan, MCW; Cheung, KK; Che, CM200180
中葯中微量元素測定的研究進展Wang, G; Chan, WT; Lin, BC2002154
微芯片電泳用于生物醫學分析Fung, YS; Nie, Z2009156
活性钌、锇-配体多重键配合物研究进展Che, CM; Huang, JS2008397
納米技術在先進電泳塗裝工藝的應用發展Fung, YS; Zhu, D; You, T; Li, Z2004131
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