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Tailoring and modifications of a ZnO nanostructure surface by the layer-by-layer deposition techniqueTse, CW; Leung, YH; Tam, KH; Chan, WK; Djurišić, AB2006142
Tailoring polystyrene solid-phase synthesis resins: Incorporation of flexible cross-linkersToy, PH; Reger, TS; Janda, KD200054
Tandem conjugate reduction-aldol cyclization using stryker's reagentChiu, P; Szeto, CP; Geng, Z; Cheng, KF2001234
Tandem conjugate reduction-aldol cyclizations induced by Stryker's reagentChiu, P; Szeto, CP; Geng, Z; Leung, SK; Cheng, KF2001118
Tandem conjugate reduction-aldol cyclizations induced by Stryker's reagentlChiu, P; Szeto, CP; Geng, Z; Leung, SK; Cheng, KF2001100
A tandem metal carbene cyclization-cycloaddition approach to the pseudolaric acidsChen, B; Ko, RYY; Yuen, MSM; Cheng, KF; Chiu, P2003116
Tandem one-pot Wittig/reductive aldol reactions in which the waste from one process catalyzes a subsequent reactionLu, J; Toy, PH2011274
Tandem reduction-aldol cyclization catalyzed by Stryker's reagentFung, CMK; Chiu, P2002124
Targeted drug delivery via the transferrin receptor-mediated endocytosis pathwayQian, ZM; Li, H; Sun, H; Ho, K2002219
Targeting S100p inhibits colon cancer growth and metastasis by lentivirus-mediated RNA interference and proteomic analysisJiang, L; Lai, YK; Zhang, J; Wang, H; Lin, MCM; He, ML; Kung, HF2011102
Telomerase reverse transcriptase fragments and uses thereofHuang Jun Jian; Huang Cui-Fen; Lin, MC; Kung Hsiang-Fu2003100
Temperature dependence of the LO phonon sidebands in free exciton emission of GaNXu, SJ; Li, GQ; Xiong, SJ; Che, CM2006443
Temperature dependent distinct coupling and dispersions of heavy- and light-hole excitonic polaritons in ZnOZheng, CC; Xu, SJ; Ning, JQ; Chen, YN; Zhang, F; Che, CM2012113
Template Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Luminescent Properties of Neutral N4O3 Tripodal LnIIIL Complexes (LnIII = La3+, Eu3+, Gd3+, Tb3+, Dy3+, Ho3+, Er3+, Tm3+ or Lu3+; H3L = Tris{[3-(2-pyridyl)-5-tert-butyl-2-hydroxybenzylidene-2-imino]ethyl}amine)Wong, WK; Liang, H; Guo, J; Wong, WY; Lo, WK; Li, KF; Cheah, KW; Zhou, Z; Wong, WT2004189
Template-free fabrication of Bi2O3 and (BiO)2CO3 nanotubes and their application in water treatmentQin, F; Li, G; Wang, R; Wu, J; Sun, H; Chen, R201257
A template-free nano-wrapping technique for the fabrication of copper hollow nanospheres smaller than 20 nmLam, FLY; Martin, TCY; Hu, X2008117
Template-synthesized mesoporous carbons as PtRu supports for direct methanol fuel cellsChan, GKY; Zhang, Q; Ding, J; Ting, SW2008221
Templated amplification of a naphthalenediimide-based receptor from a donor-acceptor dynamic combinatorial library in waterAu-Yeung, HY; Pengo, P; Pantoş, GD; Otto, S; Sanders, JKM200920
TentagelToy, PH2005159
Terbium luminescence sensitized through three-photon excitation in a self-assembled unlinked antennaLaw, GL; Kwok, WM; Wong, WT; Wong, KL; Tanner, PA2007127
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