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Gabapentin: A multimodal perioperative drug?Kong, VKF; Irwin, MG2007169
Gabapentinoids; Anaesthesia Education; Alpha-2 agonists; Adjuant Analagesics; Antiplatelet therapy and cardioprotectionIrwin, MG2009187
Gelatin may not be the cause of hypercoagulability (multiple letters) [8]Ng, KFJ; Lo, JWR; Karoutsos, S; Nathan, N; Lahrimi, A; Grouille, D; Feiss, P1999105
General Management of Cancer PainCheung, CW201110
Genistein potentiates protein kinase A activity in porcine coronary arteryNg, William WH; Keung, W; Xu, YC; Ng, KFJ; Leung, GPH; Vanhoutte, PM; Choy, PC; Man, RYK2008161
Geriatric hip fracture clinical pathway: The Hong Kong experienceLau, TW; Leung, F; Siu, D; Wong, G; Luk, KDK2010379
Ginsenoside Rb1 preconditioning attenuates myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury in diabetic ratsXia, ZY; Zhang, L; Wu, Y; Xu, J; Xia, Z201097
Ginsenosides compound (shen-fu) attenuates gastrointestinal injury and inhibits inflammatory response after cardiopulmonary bypass in patients with congenital heart diseaseXia, ZY; Liu, XY; Zhan, LY; He, YH; Luo, T; Xia, Z200581
Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor induces cell migration and matrix metalloproteinase-13 expression in glioma cellsLu, DY; Leung, YM; Cheung, CW; Chen, YR; Wong, KL2010128
Goal directed fluid therapy; HES v Crystalloids; Restricted v Liberal fluid therapy; Depth of anaesthesia; TIVA without remifentanilIrwin, MG200997
Graphical display of data could reveal errors in statistical tests [4] (multiple letters)Guignard, B; Lee, LHY; Irwin, MG200547
GWAS3D: detecting human regulatory variants by integrative analysis of genome-wide associations, chromosome interactions and histone modificationsLi, J; Wang, Y; Xia, Z; Sham, PC; Wang, JJ201379
GWAS3D: Detecting human regulatory variants by integrative analysis of genome-wide associations, chromosome interactions and histone modifications.LI, J; WANG, Y; Xia, Z; Sham, PC; Wang, JJ201324
Health Services Reearch Committee/Health Care & Promotion Fund CommitteeIrwin, MG201172
High dose remifentanil increases myocardial oxidative stress and compromises remifentanil infarct-sparing effects in ratsMei, B; Wang, T; WANG, Y; Xia, Z; Irwin, MG; Wong, GTC201325
High humidity affects HemoCue microcuvette function.Henderson, MA; Irwin, MG199564
High-intensity focused ultrasound ablation: an effective bridging therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma patientsCheung, TT; Fan, ST; Chan, SC; Chok, KSH; Chu, SKF; Jenkins, CR; Lo, CLR; Fung, JYY; Chan, ACY; Sharr, WW; Tsang, SHY; Dai, WC; Poon, RTP; Lo, CM201340
Hyperglycemia-Induced Protein Kinase Cβ2 Activation Induces Diastolic Cardiac Dysfunction in Diabetic Rats by Impairing Caveolin-3 Expression and Akt/eNOS SignalingLei, S; Li, H; Xu, J; Liu, Y; Gao, X; Wang, JJ; Ng, JKF; Lau, WB; Ma, XL; Rodrigues, B; Irwin, MG; Xia, Z201376
Hypothermia and platelet dysfunction: monitoring and effects of desmopressinYing, Chee-lun, Aaron.; 英志麟2008332
Immediate postconditioning during reperfusion attenuates intestinal injuryLiu, KX; Li, YS; Huang, WQ; Chen, SQ; Wang, ZX; Liu, JX; Xia, Z2009294
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