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The wastage of microbial samples in clinical practice.Samaranayake, LP198746
Water concentration in self-etching primers affects their aggressiveness and bonding efficacy to dentinHiraishi, N; Nishiyama, N; Ikemura, K; Yau, JYY; King, NM; Tagami, J; Pashley, DH; Tay, FR2005256
Water degradation of naked collagen fibrilsHashimoto, M; Tay, FRCM; Ohno, H; Sano, H; Yiu, CKY; Kaga, M; Kudou, Y; Kubota, M200270
Water fluoride concentration and fluorosis in Hong Kong in 1960-2001Lo, ECM; Wong, AHH2006309
Water sorption and resin hydrophilicity of dentin bonding agentsDhanpal, Prashanth Kumar.2007246
Water sorption of several bonding resinsBurrow, MF; Inokoshi, S; Tagami, J1999101
Water sorption/solubility of dental adhesive resinsMalacarne, J; Carvalho, RM; de Goes, MF; Svizero, N; Pashley, DH; Tay, FR; Yiu, CK; Carrilho, MRdO2006133
Water treeing in simplified dentin adhesives-Déjà Vu?Tay, FR; Pashley, DH; Suh, BI; Hiraishi, N; Yiu, CKY200567
Web-based support of learning in an undergraduate oral rehabilitation courseDyson, JE; McGrath, CPJ200361
Web-based support of oral rehabilitation learning in a PBL curriculumDyson, JE; McGrath, CPJ200463
What about periodontal health?Leung, WK200886
What are the key endodontic factors associated with oral health-related quality of life?Liu, P; McGrath, CPJ; Cheung, GSP20149
What are the longevities of teeth and oral implants?HolmPedersen, P; Lang, NP; Müller, F200768
What does headgear add to Herbst treatment and to retention?Hägg, U; Du, X; Rabie, ABM; Bendeus, M2003106
What make teeth move orthodontically?Yang, Y2010135
What matters the difference between failure and success in functional appliance treatmentRuf, S; Bendeus, SAM; Pancherz, H; Hagg, EUO2007100
What's in a Name? Part 9: The Macau Grand PrixNewsome, PRH200294
What's the point?Newsome, PRH201152
When official policies meet site-based realities: Diversity and clinical dental education in Hong KongBridges, SM; McGrath, CPJ; Yiu, CKY200857
When the dentist has HIV infection.Samaranayake, LP199150
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