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Validation and calibration of a digital subtraction radiography systemfor quantitative assessment of alveolar bone changesWoo, Mei-sum, Becky; 胡美心2000354
Validation and reproducibility of a high-resolution three-dimensional facial imaging systemKhambay, B; Nairn, N; Bell, A; Miller, J; Bowman, A; Ayoub, AF200869
Validation of a Chinese version of the dental anxiety inventoryNg, SKS; Stouthard, MEA; Keung Leung, W2005397
Validation of a Chinese version of the Oral Health Impact Profile (OHIP)Wong, MCM; Lo, ECM; McMillan, AS200285
Validation of a new method for building a three-dimensional physical model of the skull and dentitionO'neil, M; Khambay, B; Moos, KF; Barbenel, J; Walker, F; Ayoub, A201290
Validation of caries risk assessment programs in Hong Kong childrenGao, X; Wu, D; Lo, ECM; Chu, CH; Hsu, CS2011226
Validation of swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) for the diagnosis of occlusal cariesShimada, Y; Sadr, A; Burrow, MF; Tagami, J; Ozawa, N; Sumi, Y2010240
Validation of the Hong Kong Oral Health Literacy Assessment Task for paediatric dentistry (HKOHLAT-P)Wong, HM; Bridges, SM; Yiu, CKY; McGrath, CPJ; Au, TKF; Parthasarathy, DS201333
Validity and clinical significance of biomechanical testing of implant/bone interfaceAparicio, C; Lang, NP; Rangert, B200670
The validity of a computer-assisted simulation system for orthognathic surgery (CASSOS) for planning the surgical correction of class III skeletal deformities: single-jaw versus bimaxillary surgeryJones, RM; Khambay, BS; Mchugh, S; Ayoub, AF200765
Validity of caries risk assessment programs in preschool childrenGao, X; Wu, ID; Lo, ECM; Chu, CH; Hsu, CYS; Wong, MCM201327
Validity of cephalometric landmarksTng, Thiam-huat.; 湯添發1991274
Validity of cephalometric landmarks. An experimental study on human skullsTng, TTH; Chan, TCK; Hägg, U; Cooke, MS199476
The validity of estimated age in rural Pakistani children based on interviews with mothers and tooth counts of primary teeth.Saleemi, MA; Hägg, U; Jalil, F199277
The value and use of 'quality of life' measures in the primary dental care setting.Mcgrath, C; Bedi, R199991
Value gaps in dental practice: understanding how differences in core values can adversely affect the practiceNewsome, P; Wolfe, IS200381
Value of intensity modulated radiotherapy for local control and salivary flow compared with conventional radiotherapy for stage II nasopharyngeal carcinomaKwong, DL; McMillan, AS; Pow, EHN; Sham, J200780
Van der Woude Syndrome: A report of two casesKing, NM; Cheong, CHL; Sanares, AME200485
Variability in microleakage observed in a total-etch wet-bonding technique under difference handling conditionsTay, FR; Gwinnett, AJ; Pang, KM; Wei, SHY1995176
Variability of histologic criteria in clinically healthy human gingivaBrecx, MC; Gautschi, M; Gehr, P; Lang, NP198755
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