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Dahl appliances used for the restorative management of localized anterior tooth erosionYip, KHK; Smales, RJ; Kaidonis, JA2003191
The Dahl principle revisitedNewsome, PRH; Botelho, MG; Reaney, D; Owen, S2011153
De/remineralization from different commercial dentifrices: a pH-cycling studyItthagarun, A; Wei, SHY; Wefel, JS1997147
Dealing with space closureNewsome, PRH; Reaney, D; Owen, S201171
Dean's bulletin.2004111
Death And Proliferation Of Chondrocytes In The Degraded Mandibular Condylar Cartilage Of Rats Induced By Experimentally Created Disordered Occlusion.Jiao, K; Wang, MQ; Niu, LN; Dai, J; Yu, SB; Liu, XD; Wang, GW2009133
A decade of dental education: Faculty of DentistryChan, Julia L. Y. (Julia Lai-yip); Piette, Etienne1992213
A decade of research in chemomechanical caries removalYip, HK199859
Decision-making in dental treatment planning: to maintain or to extract compromised teethLang-Hua, Bich Hue.; 梁許碧蕙.201266
Deep vein thrombosis following orthognathic surgery in ChineseCurtin, JP; Samman, N; Cheung, LK; Tideman, H199682
Defects in Nickel-Titanium Instruments after Clinical Use. Part 1: Relationship between Observed Imperfections and Factors Leading to Such Defects in a Cohort StudyShen, Y; Haapasalo, M; Cheung, GSp; Peng, B200970
Defects in Nickel-Titanium Instruments after Clinical Use. Part 2: Fractographic Analysis of Fractured Surface in a Cohort StudyShen, Y; Cheung, GSp; Peng, B; Haapasalo, M200967
Defects in Nickel-Titanium Instruments after Clinical Use. Part 4: An Electropolished InstrumentShen, Y; Winestock, E; Cheung, GSp; Haapasalo, M200965
Defects in ProTaper S1 instruments after clinical use: Fractographic examinationCheung, GSP; Peng, B; Bian, Z; Shen, Y; Darvell, BW2005144
Defects in ProTaper S1 instruments after clinical use: Longitudinal examinationPeng, B; Shen, Y; Cheung, GSP; Xia, TJ2005132
Deformities of the jawsWang, MW; Cheung, LK; Lau, JW1997134
Degradation of neat resins after water storage.Yiu, CKY; King, NM; Pashley, DH; Carvalho, RM; Carrilho, MRO200375
Degraded prism sheaths in the transition region of hypomineralized teethChan, YL; Ngan, AHW; King, NM2010663
Delayed maturation of chondrocytes enhances condylar growthNg, FS; Rabie, ABM200559
Delivery of antifungal agents to the oral cavitySamaranayake, LP; Ferguson, MM199481
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