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TMJ osteoarthritis/osteoarthrosis and immune system factors in a Japanese sampleNishioka, M; Ioi, H; Matsumoto, R; Goto, TK; Nakata, S; Nakasima, A; Counts, AL; Davidovitch, Z2008108
To develop a transplantable viable construct for the patching of a bone defect: a new bone graft substitute bymeans of tissue engineeringChan, Kwok-ming.; 陳國明.201349
To scale, or not to scale? Willingness-to-accept non-surgical periodontal treatmentChan, RYL; Chan, TCL; Chan, HY; Lam, LT; Lam, YL; Li, ST; Poon, CP; Tse, WL; McGrath, CPJ201324
To scale, or not to scale? : willingness-to-accept non-surgical periodontal treatmentChan, TCL; Chan, RYL; Chan, HY; Lam, LT; La, YL; Li, ST; Poon, CP; Tse, WL201335
Tobacco smoking and oral health outcomesCorbet, EF200149
Tobacco smoking and periodontal diseasesJin, LJ200150
Tobacco smoking/risk for dental diseases in Hong KongCorbet, EF199652
Toll-like receptors 2 and 4 gene polymorphisms in a Chinese population with periodontitisZhu, G; Li, C; Cao, Z; Corbet, EF; Jin, L2008168
Tools for Knowledge Co-construction – Online Concept Mapping to Support Self-directed LearningBridges, SM; Dyson, JE; Corbet, EF200875
Tooth and root conditions in the middle-aged and the elderly in Hong Kong.Lo, EC; Schwarz, E199477
Tooth bleaching - knowledge and acceptance of Hong Kong ChineseLiu, JKS; McGrath, CPJ; Cheung, MNB; Choi, KC; Hui, KK; Lee, CC; Li, CH; Tam, SWY; Wung, CSY; Yeung, SL2007120
Tooth bleaching: knowledge and acceptance of Hong Kong ChineseUniversity of Hong Kong. Faculty of Dentistry.2007162
Tooth colour of Hong Kong people - their satisfaction and preferenceTse, OD; Chau, STW; Leung, TW; Tsang, YYF; Yip, HY; Lo, ECM2003128
Tooth colour of Hong Kong people: their satisfaction and preferenceUniversity of Hong Kong. Faculty of Dentistry.2003172
Tooth dimensions of Southern ChineseLing, JYK; Wong, RWK2007103
Tooth Dimensions of Southern Chinese in Hong Kong. An Image Analytic StudyLing, JYK; Wong, RWK2007157
Tooth erosion: prevention and treatment.Yip, HK; Smales, RJ; Kaidonis, J200682
Tooth loss and vascular cognitive impairment in acute stroke patientsZhu, J; Li, X; Zhu, F; Zhang, C; McGrath, CPJ; Jin, L201341
Tooth loss in treated periodontitis patients responsible for their supportive care arrangementsLeung, WK; Ng, DKC; Jin, L; Corbet, EF2006231
Tooth loss, denture wearing and oral health-related quality of lifeWong, MCM; McMillan, AS2003100
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