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A nationwide survey of privatized firms in ChinaGuo, Y; Gan, J; Xu, C2008168
Network building, business expansion and cultural innovation-rise of Chinese cross-boundary entrepreneurs during Hong Kong's transitionYuan, Jianwei; 袁建伟2010388
New analytical option pricing models with Weyl-Titchmarsh theoryZhang, JE; Li, Y201288
The 'New Keynesian' Phillips curve: Closed economy versus open economyRazin, A; Yuen, CW200259
The 'new Keynesian' Phillips curve: Closed economy vs. open economyRazin, A; Yuen, CW200193
The 'New Keynesian' Phillips Curve: Closed Economy vs. Open EconomyRazin, A; Yuen, CW2002107
The new market for volatility tradingZhang, JE; Shu, J; Brenner, M2010156
A new method to estimate risk and return of non-traded assets from cash flows: the case of private equity fundsDriessen, J; Lin, TC; Phalippou, L2012233
New product introduction with costly searchTse, CY2006145
New stock delisting mechanism in HKChiu, Pit-lap, Philip.; 趙必立.2003436
A new well-posed algorithm to recover implied local volatilityJiang, L; Chen, Q; Wang, L; Zhang, JE200358
No-fault divorce and the compression of marriage agesAllen, DW; Pendakur, K; Suen, W2006259
Non-monetary economic adjustments under the linked exchange rate systemWong, RYC1994170
Non-tariff barriers to trade in the Pacific RimChing, S; Wong, CYP; Zhang, A2004115
Noncooperative Bargaining, Hostages, and Optimal Asset OwnershipChiu, YS199856
Nonparametric Estimation Of Entry Cost In First-Price Procurement AuctionsXu, P201355
The North's intellectual property rights standard for the South?Lai, ELC; Qiu, LD200348
A note on deductible insurance and productionMachnes, Y; Wong, KP200390
A note on entrepreneurial risk, capital market imperfections, and heterogeneityLuo, Y; Gong, L; Zou, HF201058
A Note on Exports and Hedging Exchange Rate Risks: The Multi-Country CaseWong, KP201373
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