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R&D financing and the boundary and ownership structure of the firmHuang, H; Xu, C200578
Radio Frequency Identification For Customer Relationship ManagementBose, I; Leung, ACM200797
Rating Shopping or Catering: An Examination of Response to Competitive Pressure for CDO Credit RatingsTang, Y; Griffin, J; Nickerson, J201325
Rational inattention and aggregate fluctuationsLuo, Y; Young, ER2009102
Rational inattention, long-run consumption risk, and portfolio choiceLuo, Y201056
Rationalize contemporary sourcing business by supply chain Leadership : Case for Apparel IndustryLau, SH; Ho, M; Yen, BP2006110
Re-examining The Goal-Setting QuestionnaireKwan, HK; Lee, C; Wright, PL; Hui, C201368
Re-examining the relationship between age and voluntary turnoverNg, TWH; Feldman, DC2009138
The Real and Financial Implications of Corporate HedgingCampello, M; Lin, C; Ma, Y; Zou, H201131
Real Effects of Stock UnderpricingHau, H; Lai, SCS201347
A real options perspective of ownership change in equity joint venturesGao, Y; Xu, D; Pan, Y200990
A real options perspective on sequential acquisitions in ChinaXu, D; Zhou, C; Phan, PH2010149
Reality Check for the Chinese Microblog Space: A Random Sampling ApproachFu, KW; Chau, MCL201353
Recapitalization of Thailand's banks after the 1997 crisis: Interpretation and critique from a neo-institutional perspectiveCheung, MT; Liao, Z2005115
Recent financial innovations and their implications: the case of Hong KongLee, Sui-yin, Amy.; 李瑞燕.1992189
Red-chips' (China-affiliated companies' shares) profitability, attractiveness and its implication to Hong Kong stock marketPang, Siu-kei.; 彭紹基.1998229
Redips: Backlink search and analysis on the web for business intelligence analysisChau, M; Shiu, B; Chan, I; Chen, H2007112
Reexamining a model for evaluating information center success using a structural equation modeling approachChau, PYK199761
Reexamining the profitability of technical analysis with data snooping checksHsu, PH; Kuan, CM2005183
Reexamining the relationship between audit and nonaudit fees: dealing with weak instruments in two-stage least squares estimationChan, LHL; Chen, TY; Janakiraman, S; Radhakrishnan, S2012128
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