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The M-form hierarchy and China's economic reformQian, Y; Xu, C1993102
The M-form hierarchy and China's economic reformQian, Y; Xu, C1993118
Macau's Economic Development in Future'Wong, RYC199993
A machine learning approach to web page filtering using content and structure analysisChau, M; Chen, H2008189
Macro Economic Development: China & Hong KongWong, RYC199964
Macroeconomic conditions, firm characteristics, and credit spreadsTang, DY; Yan, H200675
Made in PRD: The Changing Face of Hong Kong ManufacturersChan, KY; Choi, GSW; Siu, AKF; Wong, RYC2003136
An MAIC Approach to Printed Circuit Board Quality ImprovementTong, J; Tsung, F; Yen, BP200498
Maintenance manpower and workshop requirements for power stations of the electric power supply utilityHui, Ching-kim, Jenkin; 許正儉1979304
Major Functions of Consumption Power Reserve SystemChan, AWH200091
Making Hong Kong the smartest city in ChinaBiddle, GC200467
Making Markets: reforms to strengthen Asia's debt capital marketsLiu, Q; Lejot, P; Arner, D200574
Making Markets: Reforms to Strengthen Asia's Debt Capital MarketsLejot, PL; Arner, DW; Liu, Q2004103
Management Control of Multinational Enterprises in ChinaO'Connor, NG200687
Management control of multinational enterprises in China: a contracting and management accounting perspectiveO'Connor, NG200648
Management development in Hong Kong: a comparative studyKwong, Sing-szee.; 鄺勝仕.1992202
Management Forecast Accuracy and CEO TurnoverPark, CW; Matsunaga, SR; Lee, S201228
Management of Information Systems: Insights from Accounting ResearchO'Connor, NG; Martinsons, MG2006102
Management science: quenes in cinemasYan, Kwan-shing.; 甄君成.1996179
Management services in Hong Kong: an implementation perspectiveYau, Siu-lun, William.; 游兆麟.1986181
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