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Validating crash locations for quantitative spatial analysis: A GIS-based approachLoo, BPY2006139
Valuation of Heritage Trees in Urban Hong Kong to Augment Management and ConservationJim, CY2004112
Valuation of Heritage Trees in Urban Hong Kong to Augment Management and ConservationJim, CY200494
Valuation of Nature: Economic Contribution of Peri-urban Protected Areas in Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Scenic AreaChen, Y; Jim, CY2007114
Value of scenic views: Hedonic assessment of private housing in Hong KongJim, CY; Chen, WY2009255
Valuing Ecosystem Services of Recreational Opportunities and Amenities generated by Green Spaces in GuangzhouJim, CY; Chen, Y200570
Variation of radial growth patterns in trees along three altitudinal transects in north central ChinaFang, K; Gou, X; Levia, DF; Li, J; Zhang, F; Liu, X; He, M; Zhang, Y; Peng, J200976
Variations of the treescape in a Chinese city: the case of NanjingJim, CY; Chen, S200077
Variations of the treescape in relation to urban development in a Chinese city: The case of NanjingJim, CY; Chen, S2003104
Vegetable farming in Hong Kong: a study in agricultural geography.Wong, Chen-ta.; 黃成達.1971345
Vehicle use and the built environment: a case study of Shanghai, ChinaNi, JMC; Loo, BPY201246
Vehicular Emissions Control in China: Policies and Problems (in Chinese)Lee, AKY; Lee, FYS200780
Vicissitudes of Urban Greening in Hong Kong: Systematic Analysis of Historical and Contemporary PhotographsJim, CY200677
Visitor management in recreation areasJim, CY198969
Visitor perception of the natural environment: a case of the Laojunshan mountain areas, ChinaYang, Aijun; 杨爱军2011274
Visitors' preferences and willingness to pay for visiting the Global Geopark in Hong KongFang, W; Cheung, TOL; Fok, L201362
Visualizing dynamic geosciences phenomena using an octree-based view-dependent LOD strategy within virtual globesLi, J; Wu, H; Yang, C; Wong, DW; Xie, J201124
Voluntary Environmental Management Initiatives in Southern China: Regulatory Styles, Environmental Knowledge Governance, and Policy OutcomesChan, CK; Lee, FYS200480
Vulnerability assessment of rainfall-induced debris flows in TaiwanLu, GY; Chiu, LS; Wong, DW200726
War as a Social-ecological Response to Climate Change in Ancient ChinaZhang, D; Lin, GCS; He, Y2005185
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