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Habitat effect on vegetation ecology and occurrence on urban masonry wallsJim, CY; Chen, WY2010164
Habitat loss and fragmentation under urbanization: the spatio-temporal dynamics of causes, processes andconsequences at landscape levelXie, Yujing.; 谢玉静.201376
Hardware, Software, Middleware?Lai, PC200086
Harnessing the visualisation power of three-dimensional GIS applicationsLai, PC2012114
Has the Pearl River Delta been an Export-Oriented Economy?Loo, BPY199489
Hawkers in Mongkok district: a study in retailing geography.Ho, Seck-fun.; 何式芬.1972669
Hazardous trees : book reviewJim, CY200917
Headquarter Economy and Financial Center Development in ChinaWang, T2005134
Headquarters strategic location of multinational corporations and super service hubs development in ChinaWang, Tan; 王坦2007372
Health Care Access for Older People in Hong Kong: A Time-space PerspectiveLoo, BPY; Lam, WWY2009101
Heavy metal concentrations in plants and soils at roadside locations and parks of urban GuangzhouGuan, DS; Peart, MR2006102
Heterogeneity and differentiation of the tree flora in three major land uses in Guangzhou City, ChinaJim, CY2002482
High frequent communting services bound for South China: the case of Hong Kong aviation industryNgo, Yuen-cheuk, John.; 敖元卓.2005290
High-speed rail networks and economic integration in China and EuropeCheng, YS; Loo, BPY; Vickerman, R201311
Historical water level change of Lake Weishan in East China from 1758–1902 AD: relationship with the flooding of the Yellow RiverFei, J; Lai, ZP; He, HM; Zhou, J2011182
Holistic research agenda for sustainable management and conservation of urban woodlandsJim, CY2011129
Homeward-bound investors: The role of overseas Chinese in China’s economic developmentLeung, MWH200797
Hong Kong - Guangdong Reintegration and Spatial Transformation in the Post-reform Zhujiang DeltaLin, GCS1997112
Hong Kong and the globalisation of the Chinese diaspora: A geographical perspectiveLin, GCS200276
Hong Kong as Asia's world metropolis: a policy assessment of the public transport systemShek, Man-ching.; 石文正.2005411
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