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The E-SocietyLoo, BPY201277
The E-society: Some Preliminary ThoughtsLoo, BPY200884
Earliest Evidence of Human Activities on Northern Tibetan PlateauYuan, B; Huang, W; Zhang, D2007107
East Asian Environmental Politics in Comparative PerspectiveLee, FYS; Lai, DK; So, AY1997103
Eco-tourism in Hong Kong: its potentials and limitationsNg, CN; Li, Y2000169
Ecological and landscape rehabilitation of a quarry site in Hong KongJim, CY2001211
Ecological design of green roofs for sustainable citiesJim, CY201061
Ecological Design of Sky Woodland in Compact Urban Hong KongJim, CY2007155
Ecological energetics of tropical intensive green roofJim, CY; Tsang, SW2011154
Ecological evaluation of urban development - A case study of the Pearl River DeltaJim, CY; Liu, HT199779
Ecological modernisation in the transport sector in Hong KongKwok, Mun-keong, Kelvyn.; 郭文強2005445
Ecological modernisation in the transport sector in Hong KongTung, Sun, Daniel.; 董燊.2004406
An Ecological Study Of Physical Environmental Risk Factors For Elderly Falls In An Urban Setting Of Hong KongLai, PC; Wong, M; Chan, MH; Wong, WC; Low, CT2009124
Economic growth and cultural identityCros, HD; Lee, YSF; Lung, D; Distefano, L2007288
Economic Growth and Income Inequality in Hong Kong: Revisit to Kuznet's HypothesisZhao, SX; Zhang, L2005169
Economic growth and land conversion in post-reform China, 1996-2005Dyck, Thomas Aron.2008254
Economic Integration of Hong Kong and Guangdong Province, ChinaLin, GCS1997132
Ecosystem services and valuation of urban forests in ChinaJim, CY; Chen, WY2009207
Ecotourism in China: an evaluation of its socio-economic and environmental significanceLau, Ka-ki.; 劉嘉琪2003914
Ecotourism in Hong Kong: Opportunities and LimitationsNg, CN; Li, Y2000179
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